| Jun 22, 2016

Bottle collection at waste sites

A proposal from the Land O'Lakes Lions Club to collect beer, wine, and spirits bottles from the Kaladar waste site was well received by Council, but there are some complications.

“The Lions brought a large three-sided box with a lid to the waste site,” said Roads and Waste site manager Royce Rosenblath, “but we need to know where to place it and how to encourage the public to use it. There is a cost to having staff separating recycling, however.”

“Township staff should not be looking after it at all,” said Councilor Bill Cox.

“I could see doing it on a trial basis as long as staff aren't impacted. I'd suggest they put a sign there, telling the public where to deposit the bottles,” said Councilor Tony Fritsch.

Council decided to give the go-ahead to the Lions to collect the bottles on a trial basis at a location to be determined by staff, with appropriate signage.

More bylaw exemption talk

The township received a letter from the Mazinaw Lake Resort asking if the noise bylaw could be exempted for a second night this summer. The township has already approved an exemption for one event this summer, although as Clerk Christine Reed pointed out, the township has not yet been informed about the date of the event.

“I think we would cause an upset if we approved this, after the response from some of the public that we heard at our last meeting,” said Reeve Henry Hogg.

“They have the stage around, apparently, as we requested,” said Bill Cox.

Council did not approve the request for a second noise bylaw exemption.

More bylaw requests

At the previous meeting, Council approved the use of the Denbigh Park for the Hermer wedding on September 3, and at this meeting Cheryl Hermer's request for an exemption from the noise bylaw to allow for amplified music at the wedding was considered. The request was for an exemption until midnight, but in the name of consistency, Council only approved the exemption until 11 pm.

Ambulance safe for the time being

Reeve Hogg reported that Lennox and Addington County Council approved an extension of the Loyalist Township Service to 24 hours, up from the 12 hours a day that has been in place. The hours are not, however, being taken from the 12 hour service that is offered out of Denbigh.

“The Denbigh service is safe, for now,” said Hogg.

Missing from the changes is a plan for the Township of Stone Mills, which has been identified as an under-served area. It is covered by bases in Napanee, Loyalist, Sydenham, Parham and Northbrook, but all of those bases are 15 minutes or more from the border with Stone Mills. The accepted provincial target for rural ambulance service is 30 minutes or less, 90% of the time.

Chloride is coming to township roads, but not this week

The dry spring has led to a higher than normal number of calls to the roads department for this time of year asking for chloride dust suppressant to be applied.

Royce Rosenblath said that it will take another week to complete grading and then the suppressant will be applied.

“I know people are concerned. It's the driest I've ever seen it at this time of year,” he said.

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