North Addington Education Centre | May 18, 2016

The North Addington community is saddened by the passing of Chris Curtis. Chris was the operator of Curtis Trailers in Kaladar and passed away due to injuries sustained in an unfortunate fire at his place of business. He has been a supporter to our local youth by employing cooperative education students from North Addington Education Centre since he started operating Curtis Trailers. In the past eight years alone, Chris has employed eight of our students. Because of Chris, some of our students are working in welding and other related trades.

Chris Curtis was definitely a teacher at large in our community. He believed in the success of each student and did everything in his power to make sure they had the needed resources and support. He was always willing to help out, and Chris never hesitated when asked if he would take a co-op student. The answer was always “Yes, when can they start?”

In addition to co-op, Curtis provided expertise to our welding and manufacturing classes, and assisted in obtaining material for projects and classes. He never overlooked an opportunity to help his alma mater.

Chris Curtis was a valuable community partner to North Addington Education Centre's cooperative education and technology programs and he will be greatly missed.

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