Jule Koch Brison | Jun 21, 2012

Addington Highlands Community Centre - Denbigh: Councilor Tony Fritsch said that the gym could be used now for events that do not require tables and chairs (the center does not have any) and that queries have already been made to use it for a sports event. Council will draw up a rental agreement template.

Fritsch also brought up the possibility of a small business opportunity at the center, such as someone opening a small coffee shop, though he said it wasn't clear how viable a business like that would be. The idea was shelved until council could find out what insurance and regulations, e.g. about drinking water, would be needed for such a venture. The center's parking lot is presently being excavated, to a depth that created steep embankments in some places. Works Superintendent Royce Rosenblath said that the embankments have been sloped more gently, which has taken up some of the parking space, but is preferable to having to build a 200 ft retaining wall.

Lion's Toll Booth - The Land o'Lakes Lions will be holding their annual voluntary toll in the village of Northbrook from June 28 to June 30.

Waste sites - Reeve Henry Hogg said that the township received a letter from a senior environmental officer, stating the ministry's satisfaction with the conditions of all five of the township's waste sites. Reeve Hogg commended Royce Rosenblath for his work in bringing the sites to their present condition.

Firehall Engineering Plans -The township received a draft layout from Jewell Engineering for the proposed new fire hall. However, Reeve Hogg questioned the need for the township to "spend a lot of money on fancy engineering work". He said he had been reminded that in the past a similar layout had been done by the township's then chief building inspector. Council voted to meet next week with Fire Chief Casey Cuddy to develop the floor plan of the fire hall.

Road Reconstruction - Council voted to receive plans and cost estimates that had been prepared by Jewell Engineering for work on the Deerrock Lake Road and the Beatty’s Curve Road. In the case of the Deerrock Lake Road, over the years the road has gradually encroached on a private property in a certain spot. the project will cost $62,000 and Deputy Mayor Bill Cox commented that it would be cheaper to buy the property than to reconstruct the road.

For the Beatty's Curve Road, property owners have requested that the township maintain the part of the road that the township owns. The township would need to buy land, and faced with project costs of over $250,000, council will notify the landowners that they cannot afford to do anything now. They will also ask if the property owners can contribute towards a "joint effort on these roads"

The township is also waiting for a report from Jewell Engineering on all its roads.


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