| Oct 15, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - October 16, 2009 Sydenham and District Lions leave“No Child Without”By Julie Druker

l-r: Sydenham and District Lion Jim Kelly with LPS students Tyler Eves, Lauren Hunt and LPS Vice Principal Chad Taylor

The Sydenham and District Lions and the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation have joined forces to protect Sydenham elementary aged school children at Loughborough Public School from unforeseen medical emergencies through the “No Child Without” (NCW) program.

The potentially life-saving program was launched nationally in 2006 as a joint program between the Lions Clubs of Canada and the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation. It provides school aged children from 4-14 years of age who have pre-existing medical conditions or allergies with a free MedicAlert bracelet or necklet, which is custom engraved with the child’s medical information, member ID # and the MedicAlert 24-hour Emergency phone number.

The program ensures that first responders in an emergency situation have access to critical and potentially life-saving medical information pertaining to that child.

Emergency numbers on the back of the bracelets/necklets also provide first responders with access to a child’s current medical information. MedicAlert will also immediately notify the child’s parents.

The program brings peace of mind to parents who in the past have often worried about how their child will be able to communicate their medical condition should a crisis arise.

Jim Kelly, past president and current member of the Sydenham and District Lions, understands the value of establishing this kind of program at LPS. He explained, “Speaking personally I have friends who have grandchildren with severe allergies and I also know that several Lions members are in similar situations so we understand the importance of the program and how such a program brings both security and peace of mind to the children and to their families. “

The Sydenham and District Lions raised $3,000 for the program earlier this year through their 3rd annual Charity Golf Tournament, which was held at the Rivendell Golf club in Verona. In recognition of their commitment to the NCW program the Lions Club logo will be featured on all of the MedicAlert bracelets and necklets of students enrolled in the program.

LPS Vice Principal Chad Taylor was grateful for the Lions’ financial support, which allowed the program to be offered at the school this year. “All of the students have taken the information home to their parents and can either apply on line or come up and pick up applications here at the school.”

Principal Tiffany Mountenay said, “We are indeed fortunate to be able to provide this program to our students and families.”

The program focuses on children with severe allergies, diabetes, asthma and other pre-existing conditions. It is estimated that across Canada at least 10 % of all children have a pre-existing medical condition that warrants their inclusion in the program. Over the next five years the NCW program will be offered to all of Canada’s 12,000 elementary schools.

Tyler Eves, a grade 8 student at LPS, has a life-threatening allergy to bee stings, which is stated on his MedicAlert bracelet. He described the security that it brings him. “I feel safe when I wear it. I know that if I’m ever in a situation or have an accident where I can’t speak and need attention fast that someone will be able to help me out.”

For more information about how to apply for the program, please visit the NCW website at www.nochildwithout.ca 

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