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File photo courtesy Tracie Goodberry.

More and more small businesses are coming to the area to assist in the move to better health, and The Sharbot Lake Wellness Fair is a perfect opportunity to find out what the hype is all about. The fair is a free event at the Oso Community Hall on October 24th from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm to explore the ever expanding world of Natural Health. Pamper, learn and indulge in samples, mini-treatments and conversation. Investigate earth and body friendly products.

Meet professionals, specialists and therapists in organic, vegetarian and live food cuisine, nutrition, massage, natural healing, and so much more.

Admission is Free but the opportunity to support the local Food Bank is encouraged. Non-perishable food items and/ or a monetary donation would be greatly appreciated as we approach a very demanding time of year for the Food Bank.

Many of the nineteen participants will be offering mini-treatments and samples without the commitment of time and money that a full treatment or meal would demand. Multiple products and modalities can be sampled for a fraction of the cost … and conversation is free.

As an added bonus, each vendor is donating a gift. Each time a product or service is sampled, a ballot will be given which is then deposited into the ballot box of choice; thus increasing the chance of winning multiple gifts. Prizes vary from $20.00 to $75.00 in value and will be drawn by Warden / Mayor Janet Gutowski at 4:00 pm.

The nineteen vendors have been drawn to this event from Verona, Lanark, Balderson, Perth and Kingston. Nearly half of these are centered in the Sharbot Lake area. A wealth of information is at your doorstep.

Based near Ardoch, Debbie Kiss will be promoting Brigid’s Balm ; a line of hand made super-natural goat milk soaps, bath and body care products as well as massage and essential oils. Incense blends, hand –crafted runes and divining stones create an interesting array.

Along a similar line, Janet Ducharme adds more flavour to the mix. Johnston Lake Organics of Ompah will display functional herbal planters, mixtures and herbal dog products. Old family recipes made from organic raw materials; the way it used to be.

Samaya Faiola, a new comer to the Sharbot Lake area, is certified as a Natural Health Practitioner, Canine/ feline Specialist, Certified Life Skills Coach, and Aesthetician, Aroma therapist and Reiki Master / Teacher. There should be no lack of conversation at her booth.

Carol Ann Belanger, near Tichborne, is immersing herself in the community with ten years (and counting) of education and experience. Her compassionate guidance and support enhance her skills and knowledge. Learn more about the Brennan Healing Science, Yoga, Qui Gong and more.

From just north of Parham, Dawn Morden will be introducing her handmade, all-natural beauty products. Many of the ingredients used are from her own gardens. If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, don’t put it on your skin.

Lucie Gilchrist has been instrumental in bringing Natural Health Care professionals together over the past few years. Now living in the Sharbot Lake area, she can share over twenty years of studies. Certified in Reiki, Nutrition, Holographic Energy and Angel Guide Practice, she has also studied extensively in no less than eight other modalities.

Melanie Fyfe, Jocelyne Steeves, Janina Fisher, all residing in the Sharbot Lake vicinity, offer Foot Reflexology, Reiki and Isagenix respectively.

Those are just a few of the services on offer, there are ten more professionals of great interest taking part , so please join in the fun and see for yourself.

The goal in promoting this day is to support and develop the community, while furthering the introduction of natural, holistic and complimentary health practices.

Given the proper environment, the body knows how to be in a natural state of health.

So come on out; support the community, the Food Bank, small business and, above all, yourself.

For more information please call Tracie Goodberry at 613 267-3946 or Carol Belanger at 375-6448.

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