| Oct 22, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - October 22, 2009 NAEC Building Success!By Peter Rasenberg

The NAEC Construction Tech Class install the new gate at Camp Gesher last week.

The NAEC grade 12 Construction Technology class has been busy with a community project at Camp Gesher, on Pringle Lake. The new sign which graces the entrance to the camp, stands 17 feet tall and 16 feet wide. This will allow traffic to drive through without risk of hitting the sign, but did present a challenge as the sign was first assembled on the ground. It was raised using a winch and pulley system. The frame was made from 8 to 12 inch square timbers and uses all traditional mortise and tenon joinery with oak dowels to hold it together. After the timber joinery was complete and the lettering was routered in, the timbers were then hand planed and finished with a semi-transparent stain. The camp is extremely pleased with their new sign, and expressed their interest in other future projects for the camp.  NAEC is extremely proud of the following students who worked on this project: Brandon Cuddy, Shane Baldacchin, Matt Deruchie, Tim Younie, James Nowell and Chris Jordan.

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