| Oct 29, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - October 29, 2009 Trillium Reps at Denbigh Ribbon CuttingBy Christi Schroeder-Laundrie

Representatives from the Ontario Trillium Foundation traveled to Denbigh on Saturday, October 24 to attend a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Denbigh recreation facilities. An $82,000 grant from the foundation had provided funds for a much needed facelift to the rink/ball field building and outdoor facilities.

The major work involved upgrades to the recreation building itself, including a kitchen renovation, a new septic system, two handicapped accessible washrooms, a handicapped accessible entrance and new siding. In addition, improvements were made to the picnic shelter, children's playground, additional bleachers and safety fencing.

The OTF reps had a tour of the upgraded facilities at 1:00 pm, then they, and the members of the Recreation committee proceeded to the Denbigh Community Hall where they were officially welcomed by Janice Kerr, the Recreation Club Chair. Kerr introduced Ontario Trillium Foundation representative Mimi Clancy, and after Mimi delivered a short speech, Janice Kerr accepted a plaque from the foundation on behalf of the recreation club.

Over 1300 volunteer hours went into the project, and in their speeches, both Addington Highlands Reeve Henry Hogg and Janice Kerr recognized and thanked the volunteers for all their work.

The official ribbon cutting ceremony followed, after which attendees partook of a light and refreshing luncheon.

As well as serving as a change room for skating and ball games, the new facilities will be used extensively for the community activities that the Rec Club arranges, such as snowmobile poker runs, Winterfest, children's Easter parties, Canada Day celebrations, community lawnmower pulls, Countryfest, community dinners and dances, children's Halloween parties, the Santa Clause parades, and much more.

Denbigh is situated along Highway 41,at almost equal distance from Renfrew, Bancroft, and Napanee. To access any avenue of recreation, residents would have to travel an hour to any of the three ports. With Denbigh’s own recreation facility now modernized, it can offer a very wide range of activities close to home, accessible to everyone in the Denbigh area. 

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