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Sundance Studio Tour

Inroads Studio Tour

Sundance Studio Tour 2009 -  Sept 5, 6 & 7by Cam AllenLast year over 3,000 guests joined us at the Sundance Tour on what seemed like the only sunny weekend of the summer.

One patron from Ottawa said so nicely “it’s such a pleasure to have time to talk with the artists, time to stroll the gardens and relax by one of the ponds ….. what a great idea!”

There were numerous comments about the relaxed atmosphere, originality of the artists, the spectacular gardens and trail through the cedars were appreciated. This year we have added three more talented artists who value and care for our environment. Blended with our local artists this group of “18 artists” reflects a unique experience in original art form and design. Situated around an acre and a half of gardens under canopies or in timber frame “studios” on the cedar trail, the artists enjoy ample space to display their work and chat with each patron.

In keeping with our eco-theme we have the folks from HearthMakers Energy Non-Profit Co-op attending this year to inform you on the values of energy conservation in your home and garden. Steve and his members will explain the Eco-Energy Program, Well-Wise and answer your questions.

Our home is a shining example of an eco-friendly residence, holding an excellent Energy-Star rating. The gardens are irrigated by a solar powered water collection system that uses the rainwater off our roof. Our household hot water is solar powered and our home is heated and cooled by geothermal. Cam will answer any “Green Tech” questions you might have.

The “GREENEST RESTAURANT IN CANADA” was bestowed upon Fall River Restaurant in Maberly last year. Michele and Paul are returning to their “lunch in the gardens” with an expanded locally-grown and organic menu. Our setting will be arranged with a patio theme this year. This allows you to enjoy your lunch while you listen to live music.

This year we welcome locally renowned pianist Clay Young and clarinetist Dave Renaud, who plays with the Ottawa Symphony. They will be playing every day during the weekend, the sounds of light jazz for our guests as they enjoy their lunch. In support of the three McGarry girls from Perth, ages 10, 12 & 14 who have lost both parents over the past two years, we have turned this year’s gorgeous artist brochure into a spectacular poster. 100% of the proceeds from the poster sales will be donated to the McGarry Girls Foundation.

Please join us Labour Day Weekend for a casual walk through the gardens, relax at one of the ponds, enjoy a casual lunch to sounds of light jazz, take your time to chat with our artists and view their original creations. Turn off the cell phone and let us entertain you.

We welcome you to Sundance Studio and “Thank You” for taking your valuable time to visit us.

The Inroads Studio Tour

The Inroads Studio Tour will take place on new days this weekend. Local artists  and artisans, with their guests, will welcome the public to their studios on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, September 4, 5 & 6, from 10am to 5pm daily. The OsoHall in Sharbot Lake will also be a stop on the tour, where painters Ursula Ossenberg - a premiere landscape painter of the Mazinaw region, Jen White – who combines an enthusiasm for horses with her passion for colour in her paintings, and Paul Shuster – an award-winning photographer, along with members of the Lando’Lakes Artisans Guild, will display their work.

Tour brochures are available throughout the area. For further information, call Sarah Hale (613) 335-2073, or visit www.inroadstour.ca

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