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Re: North Frontenac secession from county, Frances Thurlow

Re: Leo Enright, Linda Brown

Re: North Frontenac secession from county

See North Frontenac Wants out of County, Frontenac News, Sep. 10/09) 

For some time, I have been interested in how the issue of secession would unfold. I applaud the council of North Frontenac for showing leadership in the matter of secession from the county. Before amalgamation was forced upon us, people throughout the townships were allowed to voice and vent their feelings at public meetings, regarding amalgamation. It was to no avail, and we were forcefully amalgamated into four townships. After 11 years there appears to be much unrest and dissatisfaction.

I applaud North Frontenac Council for having the courage, fortitude and decency to act democratically, and present the question of secession as a referendum at the next municipal election, effectively giving the people of the township a voice in the ultimate decision.

I would suggest that the four mayors who presently are the sole representatives of the townships at the county level show the same courage. The County of Frontenac died when amalgamation became a reality. A Management Board took its place. If the present mandate of the county is closely examined, they are still a Management Board no matter what they currently call themselves.

Four township councils have passed resolutions requesting more representation from local councils at the county level. The time has come for additional representation and stronger debate. County Council hired a consultant to study the problem, as to what is wrong with the present county setup. His report was instantly ignored when he bluntly stated that amalgamation is not working. Maybe the county should follow the example of North Frontenac Township, and by referendum, ask all residents if they favour additional, necessary representation from local councils at the county level.

Maybe we could go an extra step and have a referendum on whether the majority of people throughout the county would favour once again becoming a full-fledged county of former townships, where the Reeves and Deputy Reeves are entitled to attend and participate in county meetings, rather than be told they may attend county meetings, but only to sit and listen. What a crime!

Good luck, North Frontenac, as you bravely seek to become masters of your own house.

Frances Thurlow

Re: Leo EnrightSee One less Star in the Night Sky: Leo Enright (1943-2009), Frontenac News, Aug 13/09

Last night I went out stargazing. The sky was so clear, and as I looked up, trying to identify the fall constellations, I became aware of how much I miss Leo's interesting and informative column. He would have told us all about that hugely bright star that rose in the southeast, and moved around to the west last night.

Each summer in August, we attend a family camp in the Near North. During the Perseids meteor shower mid-month, 75 of us, from very young to rather old, sat out on a hill in the dark counting meteors and exclaiming in delight. I had Leo's 2008 column in front of me, and I was able to impart all that was on the Frontenac News page from Leo's work. I hope I was able to convey also his awe and enthusiasm for this vast canvas we take so for granted. Thank you, Leo, for helping us look up, for helping us really SEE what is before our eyes.

Linda Brown

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