| Sep 24, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - September 24, 2009 Addington Highlands Council -Sep. 21/09By Jule Koch Brison

UN-MAINTAINED ROADS: A request from Marlene Bowman of Kaladar for improvements to her road prompted a discussion about AH’s policy, or lack thereof, on un-maintained township roads.

“She’s not looking for her road to be redone,” said Deputy Reeve Helen Yanch. “She would like a culvert and some gravel; her son-in-law has heavy equipment and could do the work.”

“We’ve got to get a policy on un-maintained roads,” said Councilor Eythel Grant.

Yanch replied, “We did that at the last meeting but we left it open for them [ratepayers] to ask – it’s the least we can do. In most cases they’re not asking for a lot – a culvert, a load of gravel… they are township roads and they do pay taxes… we do have to be reasonable.”

Reeve Henry Hogg said he didn’t know what the answer is, as there are more un-maintained than maintained roads in the township.

A decision on Marlene Bowman’s request was deferred until Roads Supervisor Royce Rosenblath returns from his holidays.

SEPTIC REINSPECTION: The Federation of Ontario Cottage Associations sent a letter to council requesting that the township initiate a voluntary septic and grey water inspection program for Mazinaw Lake.

Reeve Hogg said that any such program would have to be township-wide and couldn’t be confined just to Mazinaw Lake. He said the costs would be considerable and the township couldn’t bear them; it would have to be a user-pay program.

Deputy Reeve Yanch said she had the impression that other townships that have embarked on septic inspection programs had received grants and suggested that the cottage associations could look into securing grants.

Township Clerk Jack Pauhl said that a delegation would be coming to the next council meeting with a similar request for Skootamatta Lake and a decision was deferred to the next meeting.

TENDER REFUSED: Only one tender was received for an addition to the Denbigh township garage, and it was almost twice as much as Royce Rosenblath had estimated. Council voted to accept Rosenblath’s recommendation, which was to not accept the tender. Jewell Engineering will investigate whether the work could be done in-house.

RECYCLING CENTRE: Seven municipalities including Addington Highlands, which were serviced by the Renfrew County Recycling Centre, have been looking into taking the centre over when its owner retires. Although Addington Highlands had budgeted money for the centre, the township decided not to proceed because of uncertainties about whether the Ministry of the Environment (MoE) would order it closed.

JOINT FIRE BOARD: North Frontenac Township and Addington Highlands share a joint fire board, and North Frontenac has requested that the two townships hire a lawyer to attend a meeting with both councils and re-write the joint fire board agreement. Reeve Hogg said that would cost approximately $6,000, which he did not feel was a justifiable expenditure. Township Clerk Jack Pauhl commented that North Frontenac’s concerns could be dealt with in an operational bylaw, separate from the agreement.

Council voted to decline North Frontenac’s request and instead ask North Frontenac specifically what changes it wishes to see, make the changes and then submit the agreement to the lawyer.

A ROAD BY ANY OTHER NAME: County Road 29 is also signed as the Flinton Road and Bridgewater Road. There is also a Bridgewater Road in the nearby village of Tweed. In addition, the Old Flinton Road is also signed as the Upper Flinton Road where it meets Highway 7. This all results in some confusion for emergency services trying to respond to calls. Deputy Reeve Yanch discussed an email she had received from a ratepayer, requesting an official name change of her road because an ambulance had difficulty finding her house. Yanch herself lives on County Road 29 where it is signed as Bridgewater Road and she requested that the road be only signed as County Road 29.

Township Clerk Pauhl pointed out that public notice would have to be given for road renaming and Councilors Janice Kerr and Louise Scott both said that the township should look into the costs because all the 911 numbers and mapping would have to be changed.

Yanch asked, “What’s the price of people’s health and safety?” She also said, “It’s not a matter of costs; it needs to be done.” She brought forward a motion to rename the Flinton Road but no other council member would second the motion. Councilor Scott then suggested amending Yanch’s motion to include investigating the renaming costs first and the motion passed.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Council passed a bylaw to authorize certain capital works; to apply to the Ontario Infrastructure Projects Corporation (OPIC) for financing; and also to borrow from OPIC to meet the needs of financing the projects, which include a rebuild of the Matawatchan Road, and upgrades to the Northbrook Fire Hall.

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