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Secession – well, why not?, Leo Ladouceur

Re: Greased Pig Contest Inhumane, Tom Kennedy

Re: Greased Pig Contest, Carmael Gowan

Secession – well, why not?

The article on North Frontenac’s desire to secede from Frontenac County (North Frontenac Wants out of County, Frontenac News, Sep. 10/09) left me with three thoughts that I’d like to share.

Firstly, North Frontenac ratepayers should not expect that politicians south of Highway 7 would care or shed a tear it they should secede. Also, our neighbors to the south will not be organizing any massive county flag waving demonstrations or rallies pleading with us to stay within the current union of amalgamated townships. In effect, North Frontenac’s departure will have no impact on anyone but themselves.

My second thought is that, if we just set politics and politicians aside, the people of North Frontenac Township deserve better. Since amalgamation they have patiently been living with several issues and grievances that are real and should have been addressed by the county. The true facts have been documented, discussed, thrashed and bashed. County Council’s responses are always different: excuses not to act, delays leading to no conclusions, no money, can’t see the problem, no help and the simple answer “No”.

The response from Frontenac Warden Janet Gutowski simply emphasizes the don’t-care attitude the county has. “County is not going to be called upon to respond to the letter”. There’s the inference that there is no real problem because she “does not agree with the accuracy of some of the details in the letter” and it “was written with a fair degree of emotion”. Could it be that the county’s continuous disregard for the people of North Frontenac might give cause to a somewhat emotional response?

Her concern as to “how do we go forward from here” has a simple answer that good leaders will relate to. In every family or organization where there is a revolt or breakdown, there are several steps to remedy the situation. Take a time out. Discuss problems and issues with a view to understanding and resolving them. Finally negotiate, mediate, come to some agreement and set out a plan to implement the solutions.

Given that the Warden is not interested in political posturing, it might be hard to find a mediator who could facilitate this process. It seems the county would rather ignore the whole mess, hoping either the grievances or North Frontenac Township will just go away.

Leo Ladouceur

Re: Animal Cruelty at Parham Fair

(See Pigs Cry Real Tears, Greased Pig Contest Inhumane, The Frontenac News, Letters, Sep 3/09) 

First of all, was any animal hurt or wounded during the greased pig contest at the Parham Fair? No, so therefore, this is no cause for concern.

Second, do you watch the Running of the Roses, Preakness or Queen’s Plate? Are these events not animal cruelty under your haphazard definition? Is the breaking in of horses, mules, oxen and even your household pets? Or do these fall under a different set of rules? Riding horses is now classified as animal cruelty according to you as you are placing stress on the animal’s frame.

Third, do you take your children to the zoo? Are these animals not held in captivity against their will? Most are not born into captivity, and the ones that have been born into captivity are rarely kept on site, but are shipped around the globe to other zoos in need of those types of animals.

Fourth, how many farmers castrate their livestock, be it cattle or horses or even household pets? Is this not against what you are howling about? Did you ask the animal before you gave them a snip? I’m sure the animals would object.

The list goes on and on. Are you going to shut down the Calgary Stampede because of animal cruelty? Going to shut down the Toronto Zoo and close all the farms because of your ideological nonsense?

Tom Kennedy

Re: Greased Pig Contest

(See Pigs Cry Real Tears, Greased Pig Contest Inhumane, The Frontenac News, Letters, Sep 3/09) 

Greased Pig Contest! Wow! I guess that’s what you would call Hog Heaven these days!

Don’t they know that millions of pigs are born and raised in crowded cages and never get a chance to run at all and most never see the light of sun because people think that pork chops are naturally white.

And as for circus cruelty to animals – most animal presenters are disliked because they love and treat their animals better than their wives.

If you want an example of extreme cruelty, try looking at people who hunt with dogs. First of all they use the dogs to flush out the deer. Those terrified deer are sent crashing through through the forest and then shot at while running and probably wounded to die a horribly painful death – because when they saw the gun they didn’t just stand there and smile.

Lucky pigs!

Carmel Gowan.

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