| Sep 10, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - September 10, 2009 Sydenham Lake Canoe ClubBy Erik Miazga

Robyn Miazga and Cia Myles-Gonzalez in their C2 at the National Canoe/Kayak Championships in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

On August 8 & 9 at the Point in Sydenham, the Sydenham Lake Canoe Club (SLCC) hosted the Eastern Ontario Division Championships, with clubs competing for the right to compete at the Trillium and Ontario Championships to be held in Sudbury on Aug. 22 & 23. Sydenham fared well, placing paddlers Jacob Sharpe, Jack Fenlong, Cia Myles-Gonzalez, Robyn Miazga, Kristian Jones, Erika Gibbons, Ally Fenlong, Emily Sharpe & Genevieve L'Abbe in events in Sudbury.At Sudbury, the standout for Sydenham was Genevieve L'Abbe, who collected three bronze medals for her PeeWee K1, Bantam K1 and Bantam K2 with Emily Sharpe. Genevieve also was asked to join a C15 War Canoe race in a boat with a crew from the Rideau Canoe Club, for her first time competing in the C15, Genevieve took home the gold Trillium medallion! The SLCC looks for big things from Genevieve next season as one of their brightest upcoming athletes.Also in Sudbury, Sydenham struck bronze as Cia Myles-Gonzalez and Robyn Miazga took third place in their C2. The crew of Robyn Miazga, Erika Gibbons, Ally Fenlong and Cia Myles-Gonzalez also took the bronze medal for their women’s C4 entry.All these weeks of competition for Sydenham prepared them for gaining the right to compete at the National Canoe Kayak Championships in Sherbrooke, Quebec on Sept. 2-5. With generous support from the Sydenham branch of the Royal Canadian Legion and their athletes fund, Erika Gibbons, Ally Fenlong, Cia Myles-Gonzalez, Kristian Jones and Robyn Miazga were able to make the long journey to Sherbrooke to compete against the best in their class from across the country.At Sherbrooke, Sydenham competed in the women’s K2, K4, C2 and C4. The C2 and C4, both taking third place in their respective races, giving them hopes at a berth in the finals. Unfortunately Sydenham fell just short of competing in the finals and a chance at the medal round.The SLCC members, athletes and families are extremely proud of their children/athletes. It is not everyone who can say that they have competed at a provincial, let alone a national level and they can be very proud of their accomplishments.

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