| Aug 27, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - August 27, 2009 Greased pig contest not illegal – Humane SocietyBy Jeff Green

A complaint to the Kingston Humane Society about the Parham Fair Board’s inclusion of a greased pig contest will not be acted upon.

“It is not something that the Humane Society necessarily condones, but it does not seem to be violating any laws,” said Steve Toy, an investigator with the Society.

“Something does not have to be against the law to be wrong,” said Jenny Badour, who lodged a complaint with the humane society after reading that the contest was going to be included in this year’s fair.

Badour said that she has never seen a greased pig contest, but her mother was at one years ago, and the pig ended up being injured.

Officials from the Parham Fair board said the contest is meant as a throwback to events that took place at country fairs in past years and as an activity for youth, and they had not received any complaints save one phone call that came last Friday from Ms. Badour.

They checked with the humane society after receiving the complaint.

Greased pig captures continue to be popular at fairs throughout Canada and the United States, but they have been the subject of protest, and the controversy is not new. A web search revealed that one contest was cancelled in New Jersey after complaints from an anti-cruelty society, on December 31, 1908.

The greased pig contest at the Parham Fair is scheduled for Saturday evening. There are divisions for youth 7-9 and 10-12.

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