| Aug 27, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - August 27, 2009 County Trails committee back On TrackBy Jeff Green

The Frontenac County Trails Committee, which has been working on a County Trails Master Plan until the appointees from three of the four townships in the county resigned abruptly in June, is back on track.

Jim Beam (North Frontenac), Gary Smith (Central Frontenac) and Dennis Doyle (Frontenac Islands) all resigned from the committee because they felt the committee had been bypassed when the draft master plan was presented directly to council in early June.

In July, county council rescinded a motion from June in which they received the draft report. Earlier this month, Jim Beam and Dennis Doyle met with county council, along with County Economic Development Manager Anne Marie Young, to talk about the committee’s future, and as result of that meeting, the three members have now rejoined the committee.

In an email letter to Frontenac County Warden Janet Gutowski on Tuesday, August 25, North Frontenac Deputy Mayor Jim Beam wrote: “Denis and I, as well as Gary, even though he wasn't able to be there, wish to thank members of County Council for allowing us to speak at the last County Council meeting and express our views on how to move the Frontenac Trails Committee (FTC) ahead. The positive reaction to Denis' suggestions give us reason to believe that the committee can get the task completed in a timely manner to the satisfaction of all involved.

“We have made note of the concern about adjacent landowners being involved in the implementation plan decisions and are sure that every opportunity will be provided to them for their input.

“Because of this renewed attempt at cooperation, Denis, Gary and I are withdrawing our resignations from the FTC.”

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