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Mark Segsworth’s warning, John Sherbino

Mark Segsworth’s warning

Last Saturday morning at 11AM, my wife and I were returning home via County Road 38 into Harrowsmith. As we approached the tangle of intersections at the south there was a damaged 3Z4 ton truck sitting sideways on 38. It was fenced off by pylons and several other vehicles were in various positions on the sides of the adjoining roads.

We hoped no one had been hurt but damage had obviously been done. These intersections are nasty and we recalled Public Works Manager Mark Segsworth¹s warning to Council that the complicated nature of the intersections coupled with past, current and future growth in the area would only make things more dangerous for residents and visitors alike.

Council had been asked for funding to research ways to improve public safety at the intersections. Mr. Segsworth held an open mind and wanted to see what people experienced in these issues would say. He seemed to think that the suggested $30,000 for the study was reasonable in the face of public safety. Taxpayers’ dollars traded for taxpayers’ safety. The truck alone would have cost $30K.

Councilor Bill Robinson observed that because nothing terrible had happened in 40 years, nothing would. It makes me wonder if he stands under trees in lightning storms yelling “So far so good!” And believe me, I don’t mind that as long as he doesn’t take me with him.

I for one would feel better about a council that was willing to spend my tax dollars on my safety and the safety of others than to bet that the next accident at that intersection won’t kill someone.

John Sherbino

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