| Aug 20, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - August 20, 2009 There’s a new coach in townBy Julie Druker

Although the only ice anyone seems concerned with during an August heat wave is the ice in the cooler or in a cold summer beverage, that is not the case for members of the executive board of the Frontenac Flyers Junior C Team. They are looking ahead to the ice that will soon be set at the rink at the Frontenac Community Arena, home of the Frontenac Flyers.

New members of the Frontenac Flyers executive board have recently filled many positions left vacant by outgoing members. Luckily for the Frontenac Junior C team and fans of local hockey, a new coach has stepped up to the plate. Jeff Denna of Hartington has agreed to fill the position of head coach which was vacated by last year’s coach Rob Lalonde.

Last year Lalonde took the Flyers to the playoffs and put the team back on the map after years of the team lurking in the shadows.

Denna admitted that for the last 2 or 3 years he'd seriously thought about coaching the team so when the opportunity presented itself he decided it was his chance. He's thrilled to take on the role and hopes to see the team continue to move forward. "The first goal will be to make the playoffs and the second will be to go as afar as we can. I also hope to see the Frontenac Arena packed, the way it used to be 10 years ago."

Denna has an impressive coaching history backing him up. He coached the boys and girls North Frontenac All Star teams and most recently was the head coach in the Greater Kingston Triple A Hockey League. All of his four children played hockey as well.

When I spoke to Jeff earlier this week he admitted, “It’s definitely a step up for me in the coaching ranks and I’m really looking forward to it. I also know a lot of the players and have coached a number of them in the past.”

When we spoke he was in the process of meeting with a number of people regarding assistant coaching positions that still need to be filled. “I have a lot of people interested and should have those positions filled in the next couple of days.”

As far as his coaching style goes, Denna makes an important distinction. ”This is not minor hockey and guys playing at this level need to earn every minute of ice time that they play. I want to instill into the players that they need to do their best every single time.”

Jeff’s wife Bonnie is the team’s new president and Jeff is thrilled to have her on board. “She’s managed a lot of teams at the Triple A level and is a terrific fund raiser as well.”

He is looking forward to the upcoming tryouts and is feeling extremely confident. "I think we’re going to have a really great turn out.” Over 200 invitations have already been sent out to players encouraging them to join the Flyers’ ranks.

Tryouts for the team are being held from 8:30-10:00pm on August 21, 22, 28 and 29 at the Whig Arena at the Invista Centre in Kingston. For more information or to become involved with the team behind the scenes please contact Jeff Denna at 613-372-3643.

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