| Aug 06, 2009

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Seals & Polar Bears, Carmel Gowan

Seals & Polar Bears

Sometimes I think that chess should be a mandatory subject in school. “Why?” you ask. Well, chess players must think a few moves ahead.

We all know about the cod fishing disaster and we know that most people are of at least mixed feelings when it comes to the seal hunt. But we all ignore the polar bear hunting – that brings in thousands of dollars to a few pilots and guides, etc.

Okay – if we kill the polar bears, they won’t harvest the excess seals and if they don’t harvest those seals, I suppose those seals will eat all the cod they can catch. So – in order to please the tourist/harvesters, we are destroying the cod fishery. Maybe tourists should hunt those polar bears with cameras only.

Carmel Gowan

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