| Jul 30, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - July 30, 2009 Pioneer Cemetery dedication serviceBy Marcella Neely

The plans for the service and celebration at the Cloyne Pioneer cemetery are almost complete and will surely make the forefathers proud. 

Music will be powered by a small but effective amplification system. We also hope to enjoy an old pump organ. That, coupled with a  classical guitar and a mournful Irish recorder (not necessarily together) will set the tone for the afternoon.  

Margaret Axford will deliver the Irish message, and along with Mary Kelly and Eileen Flieler will speak about the restoration of the cemetery. They were very involved in the research that resulted in our knowing whose names should go on the plaque. They will deliver the story of Cloyne's old pioneer cemetery, the attemps at maintaining it and the long hours of research into who is buried there. Dignataries and representatives from area churches have been invited.

The neighbourhood of Little Pond Road supported the Land of Lakes Garden Club in restoring the cemetery last year as they did in 2004 when the Cadets cleaned and revived this sacred place.  Please join us at 2:p.m. on Sun Aug 9th at the Pioneer Cemetery to celebrate today's pioneers as well as those resting here.

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