| Jul 23, 2009

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Al Scott: A man of many gifts, Brenda Steele

Al Scott: A man of many gifts

Al Scott a man of many gifts 

I first met Al and Dora when I returned to live in Arden in ’95. Al Scott was one of the greatest men I've had the pleasure of knowing. We always had the greatest laughs when we met. Al was a man of many gifts, a talented lawyer, witty, charming, always smiling, smart as a whip and always made you feel welcome in his presence. He was involved in both his home community as well as outside communities. I believe that Al and Dora had what everyone searches for: "a long and deeply lasting love for each other." His eyes always had a twinkle when you talked to him about Dora. I will forever miss my friend Al Scott, but he will always have a piece of our hearts. Our loss is Heaven's gain.

Brenda Steele

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