| Jul 16, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - July 16, 2009 Ten years of fireworks, & tea towels.By Jeff Green

Parky with his wife and partner, Bonnie

Parky, the irrepressible front man at the store across from the Northbrook Foodland, and his wife and partner Bonnie, had retired to Northbrook when they got a bit bored and decided to open a small store.

That was 10 years ago, and since then Parky's store has become a fixture on the local scene, saving people from the region a trip to Napanee or Belleville throughout the year and serving the seasonal and tourist populations during the busy summer season.

“If you look at it on per square foot basis, we have more product on the shelves that Walmart,” said Parky, when interviewed this week from the store.

When they started, Parky's was a one-room store carrying variety products, but over time two extra rooms have been added, and the product line has exploded.

“When people ask us for something and we don't have it, we keep that in mind. If two or three people ask us, then we try and get it into the store,” Parky said.

This has led the store to stock items as diverse as knitting needles and inflatable summer toys, along with a large selection of fireworks, cards, and gift items.

About 60% of the store’s sales takes place in the busy summer season, and 40% during the off season.

“We get people coming in from around here, and from Ardoch and Plevna all year round,” said Parky, “the summer is good but this has turned into a year-round, full-time business. So much for retirement.”

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Parky's will be holding special draws later in July, along with other events. Just ask Parky or Bonnie about them. 

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