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Strokes Fore Hopes 2009, Strokes Fore Hopes Committee

Strokes Fore Hopes 2009

“Not just a community event, but a community success!” This is how the Strokes Fore Hopes Committee would describe Strokes Fore Hopes 2009.

On June 25 & 26, Edward & Andrew were not walking and golfing for 24 hours alone. They had the whole community behind them. This was not your usual community. It was a community that spread from far and wide, brought together by a strong desire to help cancer patients and their families at the Southeastern Ontario Cancer Clinic.

To the many volunteers who came out to carry golf bags, follow along in carts, walk through the middle of the night, enhance their cart with a generator for lights and music, we thank you. Edward and Andrew could not have completed their journey without you. To Dave Marvin, Scott MacLeod and Tim Dircan who were there for the whole 24 hours - you guys were amazing.

Donations are still coming in, but we will be donating at least $31,000 – which when combined with the government initiative of 9:1 will be $310,000.

Through strength, courage, faith and hope the community has proved that yes, we can do anything!

Strokes Fore Hopes Committee

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