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Back to HomeFeature Article - July 9, 2009 KFPL BookmarkBy Pam Harris

NEW CLOYNE BRANCH: Our big news is that our Cloyne branch has been freshly renovated! We’re very excited about our new branch and hope you will drop by to see the new floor, fresh paint, new shelving and revitalized collections. Help us celebrate even more by dropping by for the Cloyne 150 Celebrations the weekend of August 8 and 9. We will be holding an open house during library hours on Saturday, August 8, serving lemonade and treats. Plus we will be having a contest – fill out a ballot of five questions related to Cloyne history and become eligible to enter a draw for a gift certificate to Chapters bookstore. We’ll also be having a library display of local history, library services, relevant book lists and other library services.

BOOK CLUB WITH A DIFFERENCE: What is Book Club with a Difference? How does it work? Book Club with a Difference is a relaxed conversation with friends and neighbours at your local library. Bring along something you’re reading or recently enjoyed and be prepared to tell us all about it – no spoilers though! Tell us something about why you chose the book, why you like it (or not!), something about the author and maybe mention a few key elements such as character, setting, narration. If this book leads you to anything else such as an audio book version, related books or movies, or additional works by the same author, let us know that as well. We all take turns talking about our good reads while enjoying a rich cup of coffee and a snack or two. Let your local branch staff know if you are interested in attending.

Upcoming Book Club dates to mark in your calendar: Friday, July 17, 1PM, Sharbot Lake Branch: Fiction, General Fiction, brown bag lunch. Tuesday, August 18, 6:30PM, Arden: Canadian Authors

“NO BOOK IS A FREE BOOK” (Adapted from and thanks to Bessie Sullivan and Eleanor Cooper, with permission). Like many things that are near and dear to us, it’s hard for us to part with our books! Many people’s first thought when going through their book collections is that the library is sure to want them. This is usually the case, but not always. At the Kingston Frontenac Public Library we have a policy for donated materials and often a lot of what we receive does not meet this policy guideline. A good example is old cottage paperbacks or magazines. They are often well thumbed, outdated, ripped, sometimes smelly or even moldy. The truth is no book is a free book – whatever we add to our Friends of the Library book sales takes staff and volunteer time, absorbs resources, and has courier costs attached to it before we can sell it to the public. What we can’t use also costs us in terms of courier and recycling costs. The library is happy to accept top quality donations of current novels, DVDs, and popular non-fiction. Unfortunately if we get old, smelly, or specific items (such as text books or outdated encyclopedias), we have to dispose of them, which costs us more precious time and resources. The rule of thumb is that if you personally wouldn’t want it, the library probably won’t either. This is true for other things you might think of donating to the library too, such as old furniture or window coverings. On the other hand, if it’s the latest hardcover P.D. James and you’ve read it once, and haven’t spilled any coffee on it, then we would love to have it, thank you!

WHAT TO READ NEXT? You’ll also notice that we’ve been working hard to connect you with more books. Look for our booklet, Great Reads Vol. 1, 100 staff picks for the best of 2007-2008. You’d better pick up a copy fast – we are quickly running out of them; but don’t worry, if you find they are gone, the list will be reprinted again, and we have plans afoot to generate Volume 2 at the end of this year. Or check out our Book of the Week; every week on our home page (www.kfpl.ca) we highlight a book. We have a pamphlet of all the featured books of the week to pique your interest. Still not caught? Each rural branch now has a “browsing binder”, where every month a new selection of titles is printed poster style for you to peruse and put holds on any titles you see there that interest you. If you are still not finding anything that grabs you, talk to our library staff about Next Reads, a monthly free subscription newsletter on a variety of subject areas. SUMMER READING - Now that summer is here, we’re hopefully spending more time on the road getting up to the cottage. Have you thought of listening to an audiobook while you travel? We have a broad selection of titles in both the adult and children’s/teen sections in CD and mp3 formats. You can place a hold on any title of interest - just talk to a staff member, and any one of us will show you how.

We are also offering a new service for digital audiobooks and ebooks. To learn more, simply go to our homepage, www.kfpl.ca, and click on the Overdrive link on the upper right side bar. Digital audiobooks and ebooks can be downloaded to your computer and then transferred to your portable listening device, including iPods.

How to place a hold in the KFPL catalogue: Placing a hold on a title you’d like to have brought to your branch is easy; you just need to know the steps. First, make sure you have a 4-digit pin number for your library card (to get a pin number simply visit your local library branch in person and provide some ID); then visit our homepage online at www.kfpl.ca, enter the title you are looking for into the search box, and click “Get it!”

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