| Jun 11, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - June 11, 2009 Cloyne Pioneer CemeteryBy Mary Kelly

For the better part of a year now, a few members of the Cloyne and District Historical Society have been trying to track down who might be buried in the pioneer burying ground in Cloyne. It is the wish of the society and the land o’ Lakes Garden Club, who are partners in this restoration, to try to identify those interred here with as much accuracy as possible. A fire in the Methodist church office destroyed the records between the 1860s and 1899.

Some months ago, an article appeared in this paper outlining the details of the project, along with a list of those whom we thought might have been buried in the cemetery. A further check of the list removed a few names and added a few more. That corrected list appears here.

Because we are hoping to put up a permanent marker in the cemetery this summer, we would like to draw the project to a close. Just before we do that, though, we would like you to look at the list one more time and to double check your family history. Is there anyone in your family who was buried there? Would you have a name and a death date? If so, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Mary Kelly at 613-336-6806 or Eileen Flieler at 613-336-9593.

We know that we have only 40 of the 80 people believed to be in this cemetery. Can you help us find any of the others?

Bailey, Myrtle June 1900 Bauder, Isabella May July 1909 Benn September 1906 Benny, Eliza (nee Bell) April 1922 Benny, Mrs. October 1910 Brown, George Washington November 1934 Cornwell, Margaret (nee Wallace) October 1910 Cuddy, Annie Effie (nee Wickware) October 1921 Cummings, Rilla Priscilla June 1899 Curtis, John December 1912 Deline, Minnie (nee Levier) February 1910 Doidge, Christiana Esther August 1863 Frasier, Abraham H. March 1905 Frasier, Henry September 1906 Hall, Edward J. August 1866 Hawley, Ida Marion November 1918 Head, Mary October 1907 Head, Stanley Marsell July 1911 Infant child February 1905 Johnson, Muriel Lucille July 1916 Lake, Caroline January 1923 Lake, N. Daly March 1914 Levear, John October 1904 McCausland, John June 1909 McGarvey, Catherine October 1908 McGarvey, Freddie March 1911 McGarvey, John Briton February 1915 McGarvey, Joseph December 1916 McGarvey, Wm. Edmund September 1913 MacGregor, Eva A. (nee Perry) November 1921 McMillen, Hattie (nee Benny) April 1906 Roy, James E. August 1913 Roache, John March 1918 Roache, Ellen (nee Hall) March 1918 Spencer, Horace Wilton July 1914 Thompson, Abigail May 1907 Wayne, Adrian Bernice June 1919 Wayne, Mrs. Jessie September 1921 Welsh, L. Armuila March 1906 Wilson, Arthur Allen January 1910 Wise, Annie (nee Hawley) October 1910 Wise, Elsie Catherine March 1916

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