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Central Frontenac moves towards mandatory septic re- inspections

Central Frontenac Council, which has sat back while neighbouring municipalities have established limited septic re-inspection programs over the years, is about to leap frog ahead with a comprehensive plan which would see every septic system inspected within 5 years.

Council received in principle a report from Building Inspector Ian Trickett and authorized township staff to make the effort “to have the program initiated starting January 1st, 2010.

In his report, Trickett said that township staff have looked at the voluntary inspections programs that have been embarked on “with varied success”.

He said that the staff of Central Frontenac believe that a successful program can be achieved through: “1. a progressive education campaign, whereby the location, construction and regular maintenance requirements associated with septic systems are stressed, and 2. a mandatory maintenance/inspection regime, implemented and sustained by the municipality.”

Trickett’s report includes detail about how the program will work. Owners of newer systems (less than ten years old) will need only provide proof that they have been pumped out within the last five years to the township, but older systems may require an inspection, which will be paid for by the property owner.

In recognition of the fact that septic systems on waterfront properties pose the greatest environmental risk, and the leadership role that lake associations have taken in pushing for regular inspections, waterfront properties will be targeted first.

“This is an excellent report,” said Mayor Gutowski. “It is a big project, a large undertaking.

“Does this have teeth?” asked Councillor John Purdon.

“It just points out the remedies that are available under the building code act. If it meets certain criteria it makes it possible to go in and fix a problem and charge it to the property owner,” Trickett said.

“In looking at other townships the main problem seems to be septic systems are not pumped out often enough. By the time it is determined that a tank needs to be pumped it has probably damaged the tile bed.”

Council accepted staffs recommended course of action.

Ken Hook for LOLTA – Ken Hook, two months into the job as General Manager of the Land O’lakes Tourist Association, paid his first visit the Central Frontenac Council. He began by thanking the township for its annual support of $6,000 to the 65 year old association, and outlined the services LOLTA offers to its 200 business members and 9 municipalities, including the popular website, travelandolakes.ca, as well as the tourist map and visitors guide.

Recently a $335,000 marketing campaign will enable member businesses, include townships, to receive a 40% rebate on marketing expensed provided they have made efforts to make their buildings accessible.

“An example of this is the Timbr Mart in Sharbot Lake which has an excellent wheelchair ramp,” Hook said. “I was telling Suki that they are eligible for this rebate if they want to do some marketing, up to $5,000 per year.”

Ken Hook said that LOLTA has also put in an application under the Federal Community Adjustment Fund to help pay for improvements at member businesses aimed at increasing accessibility.

“We are good at getting government grants,” he said, “we feel that it is one of our purposes.”

When asked if he had noticed any trends so far this season, Hook said “we will know at the end of the season, but in talking to members we have already seen that campgrounds and other inexpensive options are very popular this year, those people are doing very well.”

Internet voting – Council approved in principle going to internet and telephone voting for next years’ election. Three neighbouring townships, Addington Highlands, Tay Valley, and South Frontenac all used a company called Intellivote the last time around, but Councillors Smith and Purdon wanted staff to bring more information forward about available providers before making a final decision.

Trillium application – The township will apply for a $60,000 grant from the Trillium Foundation to fix up the Oso Hall (AKA the Soldiers Memorial Hall) Identified problem areas include the stairs, both porches, and the handicapped ramp.

E-Waste- Scott’s Environmental will be providing e-waste collection at the township transfer station at Elbow Lake (south of Parham on road 38) Materials that Scott’s will accept include: desktop computers, portable computers, computer peripherals, monitors, televisions and printing devices.

Smoke alarm campaign – Council approved a fire department proposal whereby local firefighters will conduct a door to door education campaign aims at encouraging township residents to comply with the Ontario fore code which requires that working fire alarms be located on every floor of a residence.

Wrong name – In a previous Council report, we mistakenly identified public works employee Matt Murphy as Matt Macdonald. We apologise for any confusion this has caused.

Central Frontenac celebrates Senior’s of the Year.

As the Central Frontenac Council meeting wound down on Tuesday (June 23) the Oso Hall began to fill with people in anticipation of the Senior’s of the Year awards ceremony.

While Kennebec Districts’ Jack Nicolson is a popular guy, it seemed strange that the vast majority of he people coming in seemed to be from Arden.

What about Boyce Fox, the recipient from Olden, Mary Cronk from Hinchinbrooke and Dorothy Fraser, don’t they have friends?

It turned out that all four recipients of the Senior of the Year had ample support. It’s just that the Arden Glee Club, of which Jack Nicolson used to be a member, was performing after the ceremony. That’s why Arden was out in force.

Mary Cronk, the senior of the ear for Hinchinbrooke, was born and raised in the Parham area. She received he award from Councillor Philip smith, who talked about her achievements as an educator. During her teaching career, which started in 1943, May taught over 1200 students in one room school houses and at Hinchinbrooke school. She is a founder of he Rebeccas lodge in Parham, taught Sunday school and played the organ at the Parham United Church, was active in the 4H club, and has been a member of the Parham Agricultural Society and Fair Board for 60 years.

Dorothy Fraser, Oso senior of the year, brought a history of volunteering with her when she came to Central Frontenac some years ago, and she has continued that practice in her new home. She works for he United Way, continues to canvas for the Cancer Society, and is a member of the Zealand Friendship Circle. In addition to volunteering for the food bank, Dorothy recently bought a van so she would be able to drive people around.

“I’m still young” she said upon receiving her award “so I drive the older people where they have to go. As long as I’m able to drive, I’ll do that.”

Boyce fox, Olden Senior of the Year, was a mainstay with the recreation committee and the local snowmobile club for many years. He works hard maintaining the hockey rink in sinter time, and the ball field in the summer, and helps out at Church Dinners whenever he can. Recently, he jumped in and put out a grass fire at a neighbours property, when the property owners’ were away.

Jack Nicolson (no relation – I’ve always wanted to say that) is the Kenenbec Senios of the Year. In listing his accomplishments, Gary Smith bypassed Jack’s career as a municipal politician, but there was plenty to talk about. Jack was the chair of the Pine Meadow Board at one time, was a member of the 911 committee, a chair of the Board at Northern Frontenac Community Services, chair of both the Quinte and Napanee Conservation Authorities, treasurer of the Arden United Church Patoral charge, and is the current chair of the Kenenbec Rec. Committee.

He said “most of time it’s been a lot of fun doing things. I’d like to thank my wife Diane for dragging me to Arden kicking and screaming 18 years’ ago.

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