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Green Burials, Carmel Gowan

What a Community, Kathrina Healey

Re: OPP Shoot Bear, Wilma Kenny

Green Burials

I want to be a tree in my next life! Yes, I’m sure that lots of us have heard of green burials that are already legal in some places.

Sure, the multi-billion dollar funeral industry will have to wake up and create a new service, and I suggest they develop parks and playgrounds and slum clearance projects featuring artfully positioned spaces for trees to put over green graves (that are shallow enough to benefit the roots of the trees).

This will be less costly and wasteful than the present use of expensive caskets and headstones which are a tradition not really affordable for many poor families, and if I am right, most people would rather spend that money on a charity anyway.

I am well past my “Best Before” date, and I have noticed so many “Instead of flowers…” that I believe that I am not alone in wanting to see change in the whole system. We should start a “Dying to be a tree” movement ASAP because it takes so long to get changes made, no matter how good those changes could be.

Carmel Gowan

What a community

I live in Kingston but Thursday April 30, I was up at my cottage near Frontenac Park. I had friends visiting from Northern Alberta. My friend lost her expensive wallet with over $1200 in cash. Needless to say she was very anxious and worried, she had her children with her, and we all thought their vacation had been ruined.

We checked around at all the places we had been and lo, and behold we got a call from Carly at Sydenham One Stop convenience who had found the wallet with its contents intact. Officer Finn brought the wallet back to us in Kingston, making my guests’ visit a lot nicer.

We’re so lucky.

Kathrina Healey

Re: OPP shoots bear in Sydenham

In the case of the most unfortunate bear who wandered into Sydenham this week, I hope the Ministry of the Environment is pleased that, in keeping with their ban on the domestic use of pesticides for cosmetic use (which includes bear spray), no one tried to use pepper spray on the bear. Now if the MOE would only come up with an environmentally acceptable alternative...


Wilma Kenny

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