| Apr 23, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - April 23, 2009 South Frontenac Councilby Wilma Kenny

Commercial Development In Township

Council approved a zoning by-law change to permit the development of a 3 acre lot south of Harrowsmith on Road 38. This will permit Larry Redden to draw up a site plan for a proposed retail building with three attached greenhouses, for a total size of over 13,000 square feet. There was no comment or objection from the public.

Sally Gordon’s proposal for the 2-stage development of 16 acres on the northeast portion of Moon’s Corners (Sydenham & Rutledge Roads) drew comments from neighbours on both sides. Concern centred on the wide range of allowable uses of the property, under the proposed zoning. Ms Gordon’s present plans are for a gas station, convenience store and storage facility, possibly to be expanded at a later date to include office and retail space. However, the permitted uses under Rural Commercial zone include kennels, farm implement dealership, and hotel. After considerable discussion, Council voted to defer the zone change until the list of possible uses had been narrowed down.

Building Canada – Community Funding Grants

On Wednesday April 15, the federal government announced it was accepting applications for project funding, but set a tight two-week deadline of May 1st. CAO Burns recommended Council ask Frontenac County to submit an application on behalf of the Sydenham branch of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library. Burns has approached the County about this, and as they have no other submissions planned, Burns suggested there might be a greater chance of success, and that would also allow the Township to make the maximum allowable number of applications for roadwork projects.

Accordingly, Council approved in principle an application for 2/3 funding of a proposed $1.8 million Sydenham Library project on the understanding the project will only proceed if funding is granted. Prior to the motion, discussion revealed the township had adequate reserve funds earmarked for administrative and cultural projects to cover the remaining 1/3.

Works Manager Mark Segsworth was given approval to submit grant applications on behalf of the Township for Loughborough Lake Bridge, and 6 km of roadwork on each of Desert Lake, Battersea and Canoe Lake roads. Burns said grant approval decisions were expected to be published in early June.

Loughborough Grounds Maintenance

Council agreed to extend Percy Snider’s contracts for grass cutting and maintenance of Sydenham Cemetery and several other district properties. Snider’s present contracts with the townships had clauses providing for 2-year extensions, dependant on successful negotiations.

Bedford Road Reconstruction

Tender for this project was awarded to O. Bettschen Construction, the low bidder, and the company that had satisfactorily completed last year’s phase of the project. Segsworth reported that interest was high, with the township receiving 9 bids.

Prison Farm Closure

Council endorsed a letter from the Frontenac Cattlemen’s Association opposing the closing of the farm operations at Frontenac and Pittsburg Institutions. Copies of this motion will be sent to neighbouring municipalities, asking for their support.

No Green Energy for Biosphere Reserve?

Councillor Hahn expressed concern that the Association of Ontario Municipalities was recommending that the province not permit any of the renewable energy projects promoted by the Green Energy Act to be developed within the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve. This would prevent development of any green energy projects in South Frontenac. The Biosphere Reserve has also protested this on the grounds that one of their mandates is to encourage sustainable development. Council agreed to send their objections to AMO and Ontario Sustainable Energy.

Budget Cut

Heated debate followed Councillor Fillion’s motion to cut the township budget (not the four district budgets) by $80,000, in order to lower that portion of the budget by 2%. "That’s a hollow flag," declared Mayor Davison, "It would amount to about $8.00 a resident: one pack of cigarettes." "I don’t smoke," countered Fillion. "We owe the people: it’s time we did something for the people," said Councillor Robinson. Councillors Stowe, Hahn and McPhail objected to having to draw $80,000 from reserves to cover the shortfall. "It’ll just cost us twice as much next year, or else we’ll be creating a mess for the next council," said Stowe. Council voted 5-4 in favour of Fillion’s motion. Council will vote on the overall budget at the May 5 meeting.

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