| Feb 19, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - February 19, 2009 Sasha’s haircut raises over $850, and a 14” braid

Hair dresser Amanda Pelicos and Sasha Berndt

“Sasha's haircut went great!,” reported her mother Sherry Berndt after her first ever haircut.

The haircut yielded a 14” braid, which has been donated to “A Child’s Voice Foundation – Angel Hair for Kids” in Mississauga.

As well, a fundraising drive which included collection jars at several Denbigh businesses (including the Swiss Inn, which was the location where the Berndts celebrated with a Valentine’s dinner after the haircut) raised $862.09.

“I had no idea that amount of money had been raised,” said Sherry Berndt, who had estimated that about $300 would be the total. The money has been donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

As for Sasha, she’s just thrilled to have done this, and she’s happy with her new haircut as well, courtesy of Amanda Pelicos from “Rural Roots” in Lanark Village.

The Berndts thank everyone in Denbigh for the support.

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