| Feb 05, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - February 5, 2009 Addington Highlands CouncilBy Jeff Green

Reeve dissapointed over County broadband snub

Addington Highlands Reeve Henry Hogg was not happy when he found out at a Lennox and Addington (L&A) County Council meeting on January 28th that a grant application for rural high speed Internet extends as far north as Stone Mills township, but not Addington Highlands.

He was still seething a week later when Addington Highlands Council was asked to pass a resolution endorsing the L&A Rural Connections grant application.

“They say it is too expensive to provide service to the North, but I'm very disappointed,” he said.

Deputy Reeve Helen Yanch, who also serves on County Council, said, “we still should pass a resolution supporting this even if we are not happy. I move we support this.

Henry Hogg smiled at this, but he voted against the motion, which passed in a 3-2 vote. Councillor Janice Kerr also voted against it.

An alternate broadband, unrelated to the L&A application, is also a possibility for Northbrook and Vennachar. As well, Addington Highlands residents near Cloyne could get service if their application to the Rural Connections program is successful.

A different kind of cell service for Kaladar – It is now possible, once again, to spend a night in jail in Addington Highlands.

During their quarterly reporting on police activities, OPP officials said that after being closed for several years, the jail cells at the Kaladar detachment have been brought up to standard and are available for use.

911 signs the responsibility of property owners – Roads superintendent Royce Rosenblath said that as winter crews have been patrolling the roads they have noticed that some 911 signs have come down as people have been clearing snow from their driveways.

“The signs are now used for many purposes, and people need to keep them clean and visible,” Rosenblath said. “They are only the township’s responsibility if we knock them down, but that doesn't really happen because we made sure they would not be affected by snow clearing on the roads when we put them up. They cost $75 to replace and it is the property owner's responsibility.”

The township will include a note about 911 signs in the first instalment of property tax bills, which are going out this month.

Budget meeting – Council will meet next Monday, February 9th, to begin considering the 2009 township budget.

Curbing the bright lights of Denbigh – Council will be inviting Frank Roy, from the Elektra Observatories project, to a meeting.

“Some of the dark sky initiative concerns me,” said Henry Hogg. “They are talking about a 35 kilometre radius where street lights are to be limited, which includes Denbigh. We should here more about this.”


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