| Jan 22, 2009

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by Julie Druker

Verona beauty makers Marilyn Orser (left) and Diane Etheridge

Marilyn Orser of “Village Hair” and Diane Etheridge of “Harmony Esthetics” are finally working together these days, side by side in fact, on the main street in Verona.

Marilyn specializes in everything about hair: shampoo sets, perms, cuts, colour, highlights and low lights and foil. Diane is the esthetician and offers facials, facial waxing, paraffin treatments manicures, pedicures, ear candling, and eyelash and brow tinting. Between them these two ladies have a total of 60 years of professional experience.

The two met years ago and thought of teaming up. The opportunity recently presented itself early in December when Marilyn took over the former site of Wayne’s Barber Shop in Verona, located in the same building as Verona Carpet at the corner of Sands Road and Hwy 38.

Now called Village Hair, Marilyn explained her need for a new business location. “My husband and I moved recently and I needed a place to work since I had been working out of my home. This space opened up when Wayne Wolsey retired at Thanksgiving and I thought, it’s already been established as a hair place. Perfect.“

Marilyn continued, “I had planted the seed in Diane’s ear a long time ago and I thought now was the prime time for Diane to join me since she wanted main street exposure.”

Diane explained, “Marilyn has always referred lots of her clients to me while I was working out of my home near Godfrey (she’s been after me for quite awhile) so when she moved to this location I thought: why not?”

Local regular customers Don and Ruth Brown from Second Depot Lake Road had both just received hair cuts and paraffin treatments for their hands and raved about the services they received. You’d never guess Don was a farmer seeing and feeling his hands, soft as silk and spotless to boot.

Diane explained the paraffin treatment she‘d just finished. ”It’s a therapeutic wax with special oils in it and the heat from the wax opens the pores so that the oils can penetrate deep.”

The Browns were satisfied as usual and Ruth commented on the new location, “I like it very much and I’m so glad that Marilyn didn’t move to Kingston.”

Opened now for just a month and a half Marilyn and Diane are looking forward to serving their regular customers and have already made 24 new customers in this short time period.

Both women love what they do and expect to be working for many years to come.

Luckily for those of us in the pursuit of beauty and looking for friendly, trustworthy, experienced professionals who love what they do, Verona’s new one-stop hair and esthetic spot called Village Hair is the place to be.

The shop is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am-5pm and Diane is available at the shop on Wednesday and Fridays only.

For hair appointments Marilyn can be reached at 613-374-2766. For esthetics Diane can be reached at 613-374-5665.

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