| Jan 24, 2008

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Feature Article - January 24, 2008 South Frontenac Council by Wilma Kenny

Community Police Officer’s position cut

Council voted 5 to 3 to discontinue the part-time position of Community Liaison Officer, thus cutting $52,000 a year from the police budget for the next five years. Staff Sergeant Gary Ouellette clarified that only half this amount actually went into salary: the rest was administrative costs, based on a formula distributing the costs of running the detachment between the positions on staff. The Community Liaison Officer has assisted in forming Community Watch and Block Parent programs, been a resource for seniors and seniors groups and publishes a regular property crime summary, along with information about scams, frauds, and security issues. He has provided a consistent first point of contact for non-emergency concerns and enquiries. (Sgt. Ouelette confirmed that without a designated position, all these issues will have to take second place to more urgent and emergency duties.) Mayor Davison noted that at least 20 e-mails had been received this week, supporting the continuation of the community position. He and Councilor McPhail and deputy mayor Robinson voted to keep the community officer.

Constable George Hiles, whose position was created in 2002 at the request of Council, plans to return to retirement. Had it not been for his newsletters, I, for one, might not have known how to get rid of those spam letters asking for money: thank you, George!

Building Replacement along Waterfront

Resident Jack Babcock asked council to consider amending by-law 5:11, which forbids demolition and replacement of existing non-conforming cottages and boathouses on waterfront. He said that many of these older buildings are in poor condition, and need replacement. Mayor Davison noted that if they had been properly maintained over the years, they would not be so decrepit. Councilor Vandewal said that as long as the building was replaced with the same footprint and configuration as the old one, he would not object. Council agreed to bring this matter to Committee of the Whole, for full discussion.

Business Arising

Council endorsed several resolutions circulated by other municipalities, in regard to provincial/municipal issues such as gas tax, infrastructure funding, sales tax and unemployment insurance.

Septic Pollution Reduction

Council agreed to fund the KFL&A Health Unit 2008 septic reinspection program for Potspoon, Garter, Devil and Desert Lakes, all sensitive lake trout lakes. This will cost $13,000.

Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority Levy Rises Sharply

Noting that there has been a 23.6% increase in the CRCA’s levy this year, Councillor Stowe suggested that a representative be invited to council to explain. Councilor McPhail said the manager had said he’d be happy to come whenever convenient. In their letter, the CRCA says "In trying to be fiscally prudent, the Conservation Authority has challenged itself by deferring actions over several years...some measures now need to be actioned in order for the CRCA to be able to continue to deliver pertinent services." McPhail also noted that the actual dollar amount of the increase is not huge, for South Frontenac is one of the smaller of the eleven municipalities supporting the CRCA.


Thursday’s County Council has been cancelled because MPP Randy Hillier’s representative is unable to attend. SF Township’s Committee of the Whole will meet Tuesday January 29 in Sydenham, at 7pm.

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