| Jan 24, 2008

Letters - January 24, 2008

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Letters - January 24, 2008 LettersJanuary 24Congratulations, Inie Platenius, VeronaCongratulations

Congratulations to Jule Koch Brison on her retirement as publisher of the Frontenac News. As an avid reader, I trust The News to give me the straight goods without unnecessary sensationalizing, and I cherish the community feeling this paper continues to promote. As an advertiser, I know that my needs will be met honestly and with no pressure to spend more than my organization can afford. And as a contributor, I am grateful for the amazing attention to detail and sensitive guidance that Jule has provided me.

Congratulations to Jeff Green as well in his new role as publisher. From working closely with him over the years, I know that he will carry on the paper’s tradition of integrity and caring coverage of our important issues. We continue to be in good hands.

Inie Platenius

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