| Jan 10, 2008

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Feature Article - January 10, 2008 Kate Lett named interim executive director of Rural VISIONS by Jeff Green

Beth Freeland, the founding executive director of the Rural VISIONS Centre, has taken an indefinite leave.

For many residents of South Frontenac, Beth Freeland has been synonymous with Rural VISIONS for the past 20 years. She has worked tirelessly as a fundraiser and an advocate for the agency.

In the agency’s December newsletter, Board Chair Tom Addison broke the news, and wrote that the board and staff of the agency “wish Beth all the best.”

He also announced that Margartet Row, who had been working as the accountant/bookkeeper for Rural VISIONS, has resigned her position.

Subsequently, Kate Lett, who worked for Rural VISIONS for 7 years until she resigned from the position of business manager in September, has come on as interim executive director.

Both Tom Addison and Kate Lett stressed that there will be a seamless continuation of services at the agency,

Rural VISIONS provides a range of community services throughout South Frontenac; including 10 different services for seniors, ranging from meals on wheels to respite care, 4 different family services, including food security and financial assistance, children’s services and licensed child care. They are also partners with other agencies, including the Alzheimers Society, Community Living Kingston, and others.

Rural VISIONS, under the name Central Frontenac Community Services, was founded in 1989 to provide in-home support services for seniors and physically disable adults. The agency was based at the Princess Margaret building in Hartington until 1991, when it was re-located to the basement of the Maple Ridge Seniors apartments in Sydenham. In 2001, the agency moved to the Rural VISIONS Centre on 4419 George Street in Sydenham.

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