| Jan 10, 2008

Feature Article - January 10, 2008

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Feature Article - January 10, 2008 South Frontenac Council Jan. 8/08. by Wilma Kenny Province imposes lead testing on municipal water systems

CAO Gord Burns notified Council that even though Sydenham’s new water treatment system has no lead-based piping in it, it will not be exempt from provincial lead testing requirements. (Following discovery of lead content in London’s water system, the province drew up Schedule 15.1 of the Drinking Water Systems Regulation, requiring that all public provincial systems be tested before April 08, and on a regular basis after that.) According to plant manager Kevin Riley, the ministry seems prepared to relax their position if after a year there are no significant lead levels in Sydenham water.

Meanwhile, approximately 20 residences in the village will need to have their water tested for lead: the township will be looking for volunteers. All tested properties will get prompt and detailed feed-back concerning test results. This is expected to cost the municipality about $3,000.

Ontario small waterworks assistance program

The township’s water system is eligible for $18,000 per year from the province for the next five years. This money cannot be used to lower the present water rates, but can cover the cost of lead testing, help build up a stronger reserve for long-term replacement expenses, etc. (The present water budget provides for only $60 a month to go into reserves. Burns expressed concern that this was insufficient)

Extension of Portland/Loughborough Boundary Road Approved

Council approved in principle the assumption of Boundary Road south of Rutledge, provided it meets township requirements for construction. Council had previously denied this application but agreed to reopen it at Councillor Robinson‘s request.

Public Access Defibrillation Initiative (PAD)

Council endorsed a resolution encouraging the County of Frontenac to apply to the Heart and Stroke Foundation for funding to initiate and maintain this program.

Property Acquisition

Informal discussion during the meeting confirms that the township has purchased the small property lying immediately south of the township hall and offices in Sydenham. This will facilitate any planned expansion of office and library space.

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