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Feature Article - March 27, 2008

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Feature Article - March 27, 2008 Kennebec Historical Societycomes out By Jeff Green

A group of Kennebec residents have been meeting monthly since last summer to discuss the formation of a local historical society. They have been sharing stories, and exploring how to accomplish the goal of preserving and sharing the history of the area.

“We’ve got an enthusiastic group of volunteers who have already begun to gather materials: pictures, letters, etc. and we are looking for a location for materials,” said Sarah Hale, of Arden Batik, a representative of the group who appeared before Central Frontenac Council earlier this week.

The group had a location in mind. There is a storage room in the Kennebec Hall that holds some township records but is otherwise empty, and according to a letter sent to council, “would enable the group to begin what it feels is the valuable task in preserving the heritage of our area.”

John Purdon, Olden councilor, asked Sarah Hale if she had thought of the possibility of a Central Frontenac Heritage Society since there already is an Oso historical society and a railway museum committee.

“To my mind there is something about local history, specifically for towns that have disappeared,” Hale replied, “if there is a Central Frontenac Society as an umbrella group we would certainly welcome that.”

As to the question of how the township could deal with their own material if the space were to be made available to the Kennebec group, interim Chief Administrative Officer John Duchene said that some of the material might no longer be required and could be destroyed and it would be possible to move the rest of the material to township buildings in Mountain Grove, where there is quite a bit of space available. Among the items still in the hall, which used to include the township office for Kennebec Township, is the Kennebec office vault.

“That leaves us with the question of the fee. I would suggest $10 per year, just to make thing legal, “ said Oso Councillor Frances Smith.

“I think this will give a big boost to the group. We’ve purchased a recorder, and we will be getting out and talking to people and recording their recollections,” said Sarah Hale.

Council passed a motion approving the formation of the Kennebec Historical Society and also agreed to lease space in the Kennebec Hall for $10 a year.

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