| Apr 03, 2008

Feature Article - April Fools

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Feature Article -April Fools Frontenac News to go daily Before the end of the millenium, the Frontenac News will become a daily newspaper, fnewscorp owner Jeff Green told a combined staff meeting this Tuesday morning. (April 1)

“We realize that society is becoming even more fast paced as time moves on, and people need to know what is happening in and around their community on a daily basis. There are a ton of weeklies out there, but no daily paper in Frontenac County.”

In a unique move, the paper will focus on different aspects of life in the county each day, and will be published under a different name on the different days of the week.

The Monday paper will be called the Frontenac Gleaner; Tuesday - The Frontenac Arch; Wednesday - Frontenac Last Year; Thursday - The North Frontenac; Friday - The Frontenac Fish; Saturday – Frontenac’s Foibles; and Sunday, The Sunday Times.

“I know this came as something of a shock to staff, but we are in a very competitive market these days and I have offered to turn their hourly wage positions into salary positions, at the same pay. So even if they are working a lot more, they are guaranteed the same level of pay they are receiving now,” said Green.

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