| Apr 03, 2008

Feature Article - April Fools

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Feature Article -April Fools Alternate condominium proposal approved A proposal to build a 17-unit, multi-level, trailer-based condominium has received preliminary zoning approval in Central Frontenac.The development, which is being proposed by Backwoods Developers Inc. is to be located on the Frontenac Road near the Thompson road in Olden District on a 28 acre so called “scrub lot”. Township planning consultant Fred Nickles said the proposal conforms to all of the requirements of the Official Plan, which calls for a variety of housing, and will bring “a certain amount of assessment to the township.”The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority refused to complete any studies on the proposed development, and answered a request for comment from the township with the following terse statement; “The land in question is of marginal if any environmental interest, and the supposed wetland on the property is nothing more than a dried up swamp, although there is some milk snake and burdock root habitat in the vicinity.”Kingston Frontenac Public Health has accepted a proposal for a three-storey privy on the property, saying “a septic permit is not necessary as long as there is a grey water system on the property.Backwoods Developers Inc. President Bart Rumble said he is thrilled to be working in such a forwardlooking municipality and looks forward to a bright future in Central Frontenac, “perhaps even with a waterfront development one day.”

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