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Feature Article - April 24, 2008

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Feature Article -April 24, 2008 Wonders of Wetlands

Adopt-A-Pond started in 1991 to address declining amphibian populations and has helped educators and communities across Ontario create, restore and protect wetlands.

Back by popular demand, Ian McIntosh, the coordinator of Toronto Zoo's Adopt-A-Pond Programme, will give two interactive workshops, called Wonders of Wetlands, followed by walks.

On Saturday, May 10, Cloyne - workshop begins at 1:30 pm. at the Barrie Township Hall, 14225 Hwy 41 in Cloyne, opposite the Post Office. Displays open at 1 pm. After the presentation, the walk will take place beside the hall on Benny Lake. Sponsored by Friends of the Salmon River and Friends of Bon Echo.

Ian will describe the FrogWatch Ontario program and the Ontario Turtle Tally, and you will have the chance to join these Toronto Zoo programs. One highlight that was very popular last year was Ian’s frog call recordings that will teach you how to identify various frogs by their calls.

Reptiles and amphibians are important indicators of a healthy environment. Residents and cottagers in the entire watershed are encouraged to participate as these informative sessions will be of interest to everyone. Please bring the entire family. Refreshments will be provided.

Learn about the Ontario Turtle Tally and how to protect our turtles. Participants can report turtle sightings by entering observations into an on-line database. The information is submitted to the Natural Heritage Information Centre and is used to learn more about turtle distributions in Ontario.

FrogWatch Ontario is an amphibian monitoring program for people of all ages, all across Ontario. Monitor the amorous calls of frogs and toads in your local wetlands; in backyards, at the cottage, or in rural areas.

The Friends of the Salmon River is a volunteer group formed in 2004 to care for the Salmon watershed by gathering, producing, and dispensing knowledge in educational projects for users of the watershed. We hope that, by informing users, their attachment to the land will be strengthened, their stewardship will be more effective and crises will be avoided. Our challenge is to get everyone keenly interested in looking after a basically healthy watershed.

For information on Cloyne location OR on workshop details: Noreen Dertinger 613-821-0682, Friends of the Salmon River

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