| May 22, 2008

Feature Article - May 22, 2008

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Feature Article - May 22, 2008 The News on the move

We're packing up our old files and cranky computers (and even the odd cranky staff member) and moving the Frontenac News office this week.

Our new office won't be too far away. We've resisted the temptation to move our corporate headquarters to New York, Toronto, or even (shudder to think) K-town, and are remaining in downtown Sharbot Lake.

In fact the new office is tucked in just behind the old one, at the rear (annex) at 1095 Garret Street, in the building that housed Rodger MacMunn's sign shop for the past 7 years.

Our landlady Rosemarie Bowick has fixed up our new digs to better fit our needs. We will now have a streamlined reception area; flyers and newpapers will no longer be piled up everywhere since we will have a separate flyer insertion room and loading dock. There are also office stations up in the loft of the building.

The building can be accessed by foot through the boardwalk beside our old office, or through the driveway between the Oso Hall and the Railway Mural. There is parking available next to the office.

The new space will also allow us to offer new services. Our design services are being enhanced by the addition of quality colour and black & white photocopying and faxing at reasonable rates on a new Canon Imagerunner multipurpose machine .

Whether you need a single photocopy, a place to print your own colour posters, or some design and production work for flyers or business cards, come and see us.

We are probably wheeling our stuff across the courtyard as you read this and we should be fully up and running by Monday.

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