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Feature Article - June 26, 2008

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Feature Article - June 26, 2008 Sydenham Scouting on the riseBy Julie Druker

Scout Counsellor Marc Meyers, his son Patrol Leader, Ben Meyers and Scout Counsellor Kris Rasmussen

The First Sydenham Troop of Boy Scouts held a bottle drive in Sydenham to raise funds for the troop, which has returned to Sydenham after an absence of eight years. Scout Leader Marc Myers, his son Ben Myers, the troop’s patrol leader, and Kris Rasmussen, the troop’s scouter, all helped out collecting empty beer, wine and spirit bottles donated by local shoppers.

The purpose of the drive is to raise much-needed funds to pay an outstanding $1000 loan that was taken out to pay some of last year’s fees. While the numbers of scouts are slowly rising in the Sydenham area, money to support their program is still an issue.

The Scout program has gained popularity in the last few years and the public is realizing the many advantages and positive effects that can be gained by joining the Scouts.

Thirteen-year-old Ben has been a “beaver” for six years and it was his first year this year as a scout. He is excited about the new responsibilities he will have. “I will be arranging everything during the camps and organizing most of the duties.”

Adults Marc and Chris explained that they are called scout “counsellors”, whose job is to guide the scouts more than to lead them. Kris explains, “Once the troop decides what they want to accomplish, within certain guidelines, it is the kids who decide how they are going to accomplish the goals that they have set out for themselves.”

The scouts meet regularly once a week in the gym at the Loughborough Public School and try to get outdoors at least once every six weeks for some kind of special event. “Urban Camping” is a favorite with the scouts, most of whom come from rural areas. The group spends the day in a city “hiking around it” and getting to know some of the features it has to offer, like its museums.

Last year a memorable trip was “winter camping” at Otter Lake when the scouts had a chance to learn survival skills. Kris recalls, “There was 2 feet of snow on the ground; we practiced how to light fires in the snow and how to build a survivor shelter.”

Scouts costs only $145 for the entire year, plus a dollar a week for dues. “Scouts is a relatively inexpensive activity, compared to playing hockey, let’s say.” Marc and Chris point out.

The first Sydenham Troop is already making plans for next year when they will be attending a Brotherhood camp down in the States. They are also talking about possibly attending the World Jamboree in Sweden a few years down the road. And why not? As these three know… anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

To join the Scouts or to find out more information please call Kris Rasmussen at (613) 767-9987

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