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Letters - June 26, 2008

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Letters - June 26, 2008 Letters: June26

Slow Down, Save Gas, Carmel Gowan

Re: Who Controls Council, Brian Davis

Slow Down, Save Gas

Are you angry that gas costs so much? Then don’t drive faster than 80km/hr.

Are you furious that gas costs so much? Get your friends together and drive neck & neck down Hwy 401 at 80km/hr.

Are you livid that gas costs so much? Get the speed limit changed to 80km/hr in Ontario and all of Canada. You might not see the price of gas go down but you sure will see a difference in the consumption.

Carmel Gowan

Re: Who Controls Council?

On June 19 I had an open and frank meeting with John Duchene and John Simcock. Issues on both sides were discussed and an understanding has been reached. An agreement to move forward has been reached.

As of this writing: Olden and Wemp Rd. have been covered. It is my understanding that sanitary facilities will be provided for attendants within the next week or two. Improvements to structures and equipment are to follow. Occupational and public safety is a priority.

Further: yes people the bears are back. For the most part you don't have to worry about them. Leave them alone and they will leave you alone. Pay attention to stop signs and stay away from cubs.

Yes people there is a force in this township, and that force is change. Most necessary, some resented, hopefully all positive as time goes on.

In conclusion: my invitation to the public works manager to spend some time at our sites continues. Meet the unique mix of people who have a vested interest in this township.

Brian Davis

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