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Letters - June 19, 2008

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Letters - June 19, 2008 Letters: June 19

Coming Home, Cathie Sharbot Duchene

Who Controls Council?, Brian Davis

Emotional Tour, Vernon Crawford

Coming Home

Here we are! At Sharbot Lake, Ontario! Our family’s namesake! What an honour to be here at last.

How many Sharbots are there now? Well, there are only about 30 of us, at last count. How did Sharbot Lake get its name? Well, lots of different answers there, but I will give the answer.

Sharbot Lake was named for an Indian chief, my Great-Great Grandfather, Chief Francis Sharbot. What kind of Indian was he? Well, again, a lot of different answers. Again, I will answer, based on evidence.

He was a Mohawk. Really, yes he was. Do you have proof? Yes, I do. How come there is no presence of Mohawks in Sharbot Lake? Again, there are a lot of different answers there too.

NEWSFLASH: There are Mohawks at Sharbot Lake! Well, out of the 30 or so Sharbot family members, I am the only Mohawk. Why you ask? Again, a lot of different answers.

As the only female Sharbot of the Confederacy (Mohawk), I am title holder under the Great Law! That is, until I can get the rest of my family who carry 100% Status Algonquin Cards.

Why you ask? Again, a lot of different answers.

I wish to state at this time, that I fully support the Ardoch Algonquins, under their wise leadership of Chief Randy Cota. As well as thank Chief Randy and his respected Elder, Harold Perry, who I have known for most of my life and remember when he visited us as a young girl.

I wish to thank the Ardoch Algonquins for allowing us the honor to sit and share during an open meeting last Sunday. You are practising and living your tradition, which I respect you for.

One of my Sharbot family members drove by another Algonquin community and was deeply concerned about them having a sign hanging outside their office saying “Algonquins Only”. Then they drove by an Algonquin Smoke shop, only to find them hanging our Confederacy flag and Mohawk Unity flag. This is extremely confusing to me, and to others as well.

Thursday morning of June 12, we had some visitors. A Sharbot family member! What a great time we had listening to our Uncle Tom Sharbot’s taped fiddle music and we had a great time talking about the past.

Oh, we had other visitors too: They were from the OPP Division of the Aboriginal relations Team. As to why, really, I guess I will never truly understand. I will listen and respect even though I was told upon asking some questions that it sounds like an internal Government problem. I asked more questions… Again, too many different answers.

So, the Sharbot family is back in Sharbot Lake. Some have welcomed us with open arms; others hang signs. At this time, I would like to invite anyone to call me at 613-484-1635 if you are interested in coming and visiting us, hearing the true history of the Sharbots and who they were.

We have pictures and documents and maps to prove our place in history.

We have come home to Sharbot Lake to help protect our family heritage as well as our Turtle Island! I look forward to hearing from you and sharing!

In Peace, Okwarakon, Cathie Sharbot Duchene

Who Controls Council

It would appear that there is a force in this Township that is not serving the people.That is us as tax payers. I was hired on May 15 -2008, and it would appear I am now fired as a Dump Attendant for the Olden Site. I was informed this evenining by Terry Asseltine that I was fired because of complaints about my attitude. Nothing specicate and nothing documented.I was also informed that as a probationary employee, the Township could do as it pleased. This is illegal under Provincial Labor Law..It would appear that I began to question no protection from wild life began to Question Occupational and Public Health and Safety issues at OUR dump sites that lead to this dismissal. NO sanitary feasibilities, NO First Aid and no protection from wild life.. Read that as bears..

I have not in 4 weeks received any Health and Safety Training, any Bear Safe Training. I have brought my own tools to sites. None of our dump sites have proper heating facilities for employees and none have proper communication with the Township Office. I have had to use my personal cell phone.. Until such time as I receive official notice of dismissal I will continue to work my shifts. I am forwarding this email to Ottawa Sun, Kingston Whig Standard and Toronto Sun

Who controls this Council? Perhaps the Public Works Manager should spend a couple of weeks working our dump sites, and then he can decide who has the right attitude.

Brian Davis

Emotional Tour

On May 31, my wife June and I went on a very emotional tour. We joined the Memorial Drive and Rally organized by the Red Friday Foundation of Canada to honour all the fallen soldiers of the Afghanistan conflict. We travelled the "Highway of Heroes", from Trenton to Toronto. We were in a convoy of nearly 100 red vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles). Nearly 1000 other vehicles were sent ahead of the Red Convoy, startingat noonand leaving in groups of 50. Our red vehicle convoy left at 2:45 p.m. underpolice escort all the way to Downsview.

What an emotional experience it was to see so many people, including Legion Colour Parties come out to line the overpasses over Hwy 401. The police blocked the traffic on the west bound lane to allow the Red Car Convoy to proceed in the left-hand passing lane.Vehicles travelling east on Hwy 401 also stopped out of respect.

Again, we found this to be a very emotional tour. Many thanks to the Red FridayFoundation of Canadafor organizing this tribute.

Vernon Crawford, C.D.

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