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Letters - July 24, 2008

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Letters - July 24, 2008 Letters: July 24

Re: Northbrook Cenetery Hit By Vandals, Gilda Berger

Standby Ambulance Facility, Lynn Dodds

Consultation?, Helen Crowe

Re: Northbrook Cemetery Hit by Vandals

Bravo to Sonja Alcock (letter, July 24, 2008) and Minister Judith Evenden for denouncing the anti-Semitic allegations and actions against Camp Gesher, a Jewish camp that has been in the area for 45 years. Some in the Northbrook community had accused Gesher staff of being the culprits in vandalizing the Northbrook United Church Cemetery on July 17. Following the cemetery desecration, some vigilantes went on a retaliatory binge on Gesher’s grounds , wreaking damage that delivered a violent and hateful message. In addition, a few townspeople from Northbrook hurled some anti-semitic comments at a staff person from Gesher who was shopping there.

I am the parent of a Gesher counselor. We have visited the camp on many occasions over the years while our children were campers, and we often stopped in Northbrook for shopping, and eating. Many of our Gesher friends spend at least one weekend overnight in Northbrook on visitor’s day weekend, or when transporting our children to and from camp. We have always been treated with warmth and friendliness by the Northbrook community and have always felt that the camp is connected to that community. All the Gesher parents were terribly distressed and saddened by the news of the cemetery damage. We were equally upset by the destructive and menacing events which followed, on Gesher property, and we worried for the safety of our children.

The camp leaders assured us that we could trust the Northbrook community to support us, and protect us because of the long-standing good relationship between Northbrook and Camp Gesher. We were encouraged to refuse to let the behaviour of a few, tarnish the goodness of many.

Thank you, Ms. Alcock and Ms. Evenden for speaking up, and confirming to us that there is certainly more good than evil, and for extending a hand of friendship at a time of need.

Gilda Berger

Standby Facility for Denbigh Ambulance

During the 10 years of operating the Moosehorn Restaurant, the Denbigh Ambulance Operators always had access to our building and facilities. The Ambulance personnel were given the numeric access code to our side door and advised that they could use it on a 24 hour — 7 day basis.

Due to personal reasons I have decided to retire from restaurant services — HOWEVER, the building and facilities are still available to the Ambulance personnel. There is someone on site at all times, there is an intercom system in the open front lobby for emergency purposes (ie. Gasoline, accidents, O.P.P.) and I am more than willing to let the ambulance use this facility for standby. There are washrooms available, a kettle, tea, coffee and telephone etc. should they need them.

I know from personal experience that when you are waiting for an ambulance, every minute seems like five. A friend of mine had an unexpected heart attack while visiting. The Denbigh Ambulance responded within 10 minutes but I observed the stress level of he and his wife rise moment to moment. Due to stress his pain became more severe but once the ambulance arrived he relaxed considerably. I firmly believe that if my friend had been required to wait for a longer period of time he would not be alive today. This is the reason I feel it is imperative that the ambulance service must be available in the northern portion of Lennox and Addington. It is also the reason that I have no reservations about making my facility available to the Denbigh (or Northbrook) E.M.S.Lynne Dodds


The "consultation" process the Shabot Obaadjiwan is involved in is a sham, just as the failed talks in February were.

The government employees involved have no power to make any important decisions, and the official position is still that drilling will happen. George White, the owner of Frontenac Ventures, hassaid that drilling could begin anytime after the 31st of July.

Frontenac Ventures and the construction company involved in site preparation will be in court on Aug.7 to answer charges of environmental infractions stemming from road building. No charges were laid against the people who attended the story telling with Bob Lovelace last Monday, or the people who visited Robertsville later in the week.

Helen Crowe

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