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Feature Article - July 31, 2008

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Feature Article - July 31, 2008 Pre-Gala Artists Evening at Artemisia GalleryBy Julie Druker

Georgia Ferrel & Friend.

Artemisia Gallery in Westport, opened by three local artists from the Frontenac area hosted an pre-Gala evening for gallery artists and friends in aniticipation of their Grand Opening event which began on Monday July 28th.

The Grand event will offer daily door prizes to all customers who stop by plus a grand door prize of an in-house gift certificate offered on Sunday to all previous attendees who have entered that week.

The Gallery, which opened in June, and was started by local artists Bonnie Mclean, Georgia Ferrell and Donna Larocque is off to a great start and has been solicited by locals as well as art lovers from New York, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and even Poland.

The goal of the artists evening was to allow gallery artists and friends a chance to mix and mingle.

Georgia Ferrell expressed her delight in how things are progressing so far. “We are very pleased with the local community’s and the general public’s response to the gallery. Everyone comments on the need for a store like ours in Westport. People love the work we are offering and sales have been very good.”

The Gallery is showcasing works by various artists in the area including those of the owners themselves. Georgia adds that “new work is coming in all the time.”

Stuart Arnett from Ottawa, who cottages in the area, is one artist whose pencil drawings are on display and for sale. His works have recently been accepted into a gallery in Manhattan.

Stephen Rothwell of Newboro Lake paints watercolours of local scenes that are being extremely well received by gallery goers.

Beth Abbott, a fabric artist from Verona who makes colorful bags from fabric as well as intricate wall hung pieces was present speaking to artists and friends about her own work.

Locals from all over spent the evening taking in the work and chatting with the artists in attendance who created it.

The gallery owners are looking forward to a busy next couple of weeks as they begin showcasing the works of the different gallery artists.

Their first “Artist Evening” will take place Friday August 1st and will feature the pastel works of Sharron Fox-Cranston. She will be present Friday from 6-9pm and Saturday from 1-4pm to meet patrons and to speak about her work. Her husband, Guy Cranston, also a pastel artist, will be featured August 8 and 9th .

The gallery plans to host an artist evening regularly on the first Friday and Saturday of each month.

For more information contact Artemisia Gallery at 613-273-8775.

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