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Feature Article - July 3, 2008

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Feature Article - July 3, 2008 The muddiest mud drags ever at Parham Family Fun DayBy Julie Druker

The annual Parham Family Fun Day had a bit of trouble getting off the ground this year due to the deluge of rain on Saturday. Many of the scheduled events had to be cancelled, including “Doctor Kaboom’s Reptile Zoo and Circus”, the air castle” and the cloggers.

Refusing to get down about it, Joey Dupuis, co-chair of District 4 Recreation Committee kept things in perspective, saying, “You have to remember to always look at the big picture. This is just one of the many events that the rec committee runs throughout the year. We will still manage to break even but will just have to suck up some of the losses for sure.”

The crowds of course stayed away since it rained continuously all day long with extremely heavy downpours. Spirits refused to be broken by the unfortunate weather though and some of the scheduled events ran as planned. Sparky the Dog of the Fire Department had made an appearance earlier in the day. Nikki Greenstreet from Sharbot lake who runs the Karate Kids did a demonstration earlier in the morning as well The concession stand remained open through out the day and served those who were undeterred by the weather.

The Frontenac ATV Club gathered with their vehicles in the cattle pen out of the rain determined to put on the mud drags. Wayne Fink President of the Frontenac ATV Club remained in good spirits along with a small group of riders who demonstrated some of their determination to ride that day.

Two tracks, each 50 feet long and 6.5 feet wide were bulldozed especially for the mud drags. And I bet that this was one of the muddiest mud drags in the history of mud dragging. Scott Humphreys of Bath rode the track, explaining “I will take any opportunity to ride.”

And ride they did. Back and forth up and down through the mud and sludge, happy as pigs in…mud. Those who were not riders used the weather to their advantage and slid around the bases of the ball diamond, splashing and thrashing through the huge puddles that collected there.

So while the weather kept most of the picnickers away from the Parham Fairgrounds on Saturday, those that did brave the storm came away soaked to the skin indeed, but also refreshed, revitalized and perhaps somewhat stronger in character for not letting something as small and insignificant as the weather ruin their picnic day.

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