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Feature Article - July 10, 2008

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Feature Article - July 10, 2008 On the Catwalk… at Church in SydenhamBy Julie Druker

Morna Graf, Verity Graf, model Diane Hutton, Sue Clinton

On Sunday a fashion show was held at the Grace United Church in Sydenham to support the Loughborough Christmas and Emergency Relief Committee.

It was organized by Morna Graf, owner and operator of Mondi Moda Agency, with the help of Jon Michael of Advertisers’ Model Source. Mondi Moda is a modeling agency based in Sydenham, and Advertisers’ Model Source is based in both Kingston and Toronto.

The show was comprised of runway models, both professionals and amateurs, modeling clothes from “What’ll I Wear” in Kingston.

Morna Graf organized and modeled in the event along with her daughter, Verity, who was also celebrating her 10th birthday. Morna’s motivation to hold the show was twofold. Firstly, she says, “ I wanted to try to give back to the community by supporting the emergency relief fund since, in the past, I have been in need of their support.”

Secondly, she was hoping to “change the face of fashion” by promoting Canadian talent and the “fresh and wholesome look” that exists in the young faces around the area.

A graduate from the drama program at Queen’s University, Morna is a mulit-faceted person who works as a real estate agent, stand-up comedian and owns her own modeling agency.

Jon Michael of Advertisers’ Model Source was out to support Morna and to generate interest in his company, which is re-introducing itself to the Kingston area after a short absence.

Jon’s company offers courses for those interested in modeling and prides itself on being a “family oriented business” that allows young models to work while living at home and maintaining the support of their families.

The audience was enthusiastic and broke out into applause a number of times during the show. Reverend Nancy Clarke and volunteers put on a great free lunch and show-goers left with full bellies, having enjoyed a very stylish event while donating to a very worthy cause.

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