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Oct 2/08 - Denbigh crime meeting

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Feature Article - October 2, 2008 Denbigh Crime MeetingBy Angela Bright

Two members of the Ontario Provincial Police came to Denbigh Tuesday afternoon for an open public meetingto discuss concerns about recent thefts and public disturbances. Sergeant MacLellan and Constable Lamont were pleased to be on hand to address a number of questions from a group of 32 people.

Paul Isaacs extended the invitation to the OPP on behalf of the community, which is something Mr. Isaacs took on at the suggestion of an OPP inspector he met a few weeks ago.

The first thing people were looking for was a contact number to reach the police in non-emergency situations and/or for information. Stickers were given out with the number, 1-888-310-1122, the number of he communications centre.

Another concern was the issue of reporting a crime. Sergeant MacLellan said these types of reports are certainly welcomed, and remarked later, "Bury the police with phone calls…over and over and over."

He also pointed out that people calling in to report an incident are not required to give their name to police. One resident asked, "How do you suggest we protect ourselves while we are waiting for police to arrive?"

Sergeant MacLellan urged people not to put themselves at risk in any way.He then talked about how other communities have organized and banded together to support one another. All present seemed generally pleased with the police presence in the area.

As stressed by Sergeant MacLellan, the officers who patrol this jurisdiction take it very seriously and recognize previous concerns that were raised in regard to attending to calls.

Mr. Isaacs commended the OPP for their willingness and co-operation and wrapped up the meeting with thanks to the officers attending.

Later in the evening, a follow up meeting was held without police presence, to talk about what kind of community involvement could work in our rural experience. Twenty people attended and suggestions on the table included setting up a committee style body, and a more informal approach, which would involve a few designated individuals taking on the role as community contact persons.

At the moment there is no firm plan in place, and people can direct their ideas to Paul Isaacs at 613-333-2776.

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