| Oct 09, 2008

Oct 9/08 - Student Mentors at NAEC

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Feature Article - October 9, 2008 Student Mentors at NAECByRosie Parcels / NAEC Student Reporter

Shawn, Grade 9, playing the "Shark game" during a student mentor session. Photo: Rosie Parcels.

On October 3, 2008, the Grade 11-12 gym class at N.A.E.C put on different activities for the Grade 9 students. They did this to show examples of ways of being caring and kind to others. N.A.E.C has different themes for every month and this month was “empathy”.

The idea of having a mentor meeting came from the Phys Ed teacher and the Success teacher. The Phys Ed teacher thought it would be a good idea to have his Grade 11-12 students put on the event. The senior students make good role models for the Grade 9’s because they are older and have been there before; they know what Grade 9 is like.

The Phys Ed teacher and the Success teacher are planning another mentor meeting for some time in November, the theme will be courage and how you can feel safe in the school environment.

Here are some thoughts form people who were at the meeting:

Grade 9- Jenny said “It was fun to hangout and just be yourself.”

Grade 11- Cassie said “I thought is was good because we got a lot of people into the activities that don’t normally participate in school events”

Grad 12- Melissa said “It was awesome.”

Everyone that participated in this event had fun because of how well it went. Each month has a different theme to it and there will be a mentor meeting for each.

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