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Letters - August 14, 2008

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Letters - August 14,2008 Letters: August 14

Boat Safety, First?, Bud and Kay Griffin

Drillng Core Samples, Sulyn Cedar

Boat Safety, First.

This summer the OPP have laid a number of charges for safety equipment in boats.Three of which we know of - two for not having "pea-less whistles" and the third for not having safety equipment which met the standard requirements.Two of these charges were on Palmerston Lake.

Recentlya boater came into the bay at the marina on Palmerston Lake operating his boat in a careless and unsafe manner, and witnessed by more than one person. This person had operated his boat in the same manner on two other occasions.For the second time the OPP were contacted.Before they arrived this person had left the bay, but returned in a different boat when the police arrived.

After a lengthy conversation on shore with the police, he was permitted to BORROWa life-jacket and leave in his boat. As for other safety equipment - was there any?

For thegentleman in the canoe (see Repentent Canoeist, Letters July 17),and the other two young men whoallhad to pay fines this summer, is there a double standard here?

Bud and Kay Griffin

Drilling Core Samples

I wonder who else is terribly aware that Frontenac Ventures may well be drilling this week at Robertsville for core samples of rock to test for uranium?We have taken legal and political action and spent time and money and many, many volunteer calories to protest and attempt to protect the land, air and water. Please note, we have failed to stop George White from pursuing his business interests. Since I'm so troubled by this, I thought I'd share the burden with your readers with hope that others will ponder this and wonder what they will do to at least scream while being poisoned.

Swimming through it,

Sulyn Cedar

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