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Letters - August 7, 2008

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Letters - August 7,2008 Letters: August 7

Bravo Omap Fire Department, Jen Robertson

Please Return Them, the Taylor Family

Bravo Ompah Fire Dept.

Recognition must be expressed to the Ompah Volunteer Fire Department for the renovation they have carried out on the Ompah Public Beach. The beach was cleaned up, a new load of sand was deposited and two new benches and one beautiful, large, octagonal table were donated and made by Jack Chamberlain and Wayne Southward. It is nice to know that we have caring people in this community. I am sure that the community and summer people who use this beach appreciate the Firemen’s effort. Maybe now "The Council" can find it in their budget to provide a waste disposal bin and delegate one of their hired summer students to be responsible for emptying it. Surely no-one living in the community could object to this kind gesture. Another first for Ompah!

Jen Robertson

Please Return Them

To the person or persons who removed our solar Hummingbird lights from the graves of our loved ones at the Harrowsmith Cemetery WOULD YOU PLEASE RETURN THEM. We really can't imagine why you would do such a horrible act.

Someday something tragic may happen to one of your loved ones and then you will truly understand just what a hurtful thing you did to a grieving family.

It is not the cost but the sentiment so just please RETURN THEM.

The Taylor family.

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