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Feature Article - August 7, 2008

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Feature Article - July 31, 2008 Greater Bobs and Crow Lakes Association AGMBy Martin Yates

The keynote speaker at the annual meeting of the Greater Bobs & Crow Lakes Association held on July 27 was Kyle Harris of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Kingston. Kyle described the extensive fisheries assessment being undertaken this year on Bobs and Crow Lakes to gauge the health of the various fisheries, especially lake trout.

The assessment will check the abundance and health of sport fish in the lakes, including lake trout, bass, walleye, northern pike, sunfish and bullheads. Depending on the results, the designations of Crow Lake and Green Bay (Bobs Lake) as Lake Trout Lakes may change.

In addition to this assessment, the association, MNR and Oceans and Fisheries plan to rehabilitate the Thompson Creek walleye-spawning site this year.

Fisheries is one of the key areas of focus coming out of the Lake Management Plan completed last year, and in his address, President Taro Alps summarized the other six areas, describing how the association is also focussing on safety – on and around the water – and staying in touch with the townships and other local authorities on key issues. President Taro mentioned waste disposal, back lot development in private lanes and restarting the clocking for severances, as well as the public boat ramp (now on the back burner) proposed for the south end of Bobs Lake.

John McCalla, president of the Bobs & Crow Lakes Foundation, told the meeting that the Foundation is raising money for an emergency response craft to be used by South Frontenac Emergency Services at the north end of the township. He made the point that a tragedy was narrowly averted this year when fire gutted a cottage on Goods Island on Bobs Lake. He commented that better access to emergency services is vital for safety on water-access properties. A fund-raising auction is being held on August 2 to raise money for this exciting project.

Members also heard an interesting presentation by Bill Fisher of National Geothermal Inc on geothermal heat pumps and how they can be over six times as efficient and cost effective as regular electric heating and have zero emissions into the environment. Installing one geothermal system is the equivalent to removing two cars off the road or planting one acre of trees in CO2 reductions.

Outgoing volunteers Mel Fleming (fisheries) and Don Jennings (water quality testing) and retiring directors Charlie Stewart and Keith Watson were recognized for their contributions to the association. Charlie has been a director for 13-years and was president for a 6-year term during which he initiated the Lake Plan. He has been key to keeping members informed of events and issues through his regular email updates.

Members Bill Brink and Andrew Robb left the meeting with more than fond memories! By sitting on the lucky chair, Bill won a basket of environmentally friendly Lake & Septic Safe products donated by “Foodgifts” in Westport, and Andrew's name came out of the hat to win a fine wooden carved map of Bobs and Crow Lakes from “Lake Effects” in Westport.

For more information please go to the association's web site at www.bobsandcrowlakes.ca.

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